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  1. bartexl09

    Getting switches to work

    Great ! flipping the linedef worked ! thanks
  2. bartexl09

    Getting switches to work

    I have a problem with a switch , set a linedef with a tag same as the door's sector , lines are facing outwards . When cursor is on the linedef , sector highlights properly , despite that , the switch still doesn't work . switch's linedef : door's sector
  3. bartexl09

    Changing map's name

    Thanks ^^ very helpful
  4. bartexl09

    Changing map's name

    In short : what do I need to define ?
  5. bartexl09

    Changing map's name

    Well , made a typo , anyways how do I set the level's name and a continuation to my 1st map ? Music along with the Sky is unnecessary.
  6. bartexl09

    Changing map's name

    Tried everything , words in quotes are still red looks like that :