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  1. What's the best way to rip what I need?
  2. So, I personally think that the dual pistols that replace the regular pistol in Deus Vult II are infinitely better, and I would like to use that particular weapon replacement in my own WADs. It says in the .txt file, and I quote: "Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base for modification or reuse. Permissions have been obtained from original authors for any of their resources modified or included in this file." So yeah. What would be the best way to go about doing this? I don't particularly want to shamelessly pilfer anything else from DVII apart from maybe textures, so I just need to know what is involved, being that it is a weapon mod that does not simply change the gun's appearance, but also its rate of fire and that sort of thing. FYI, I use Doombuilder 2 for my wadding.
  3. Aseph

    problems playing Simplicity

    Updated GZDoom and ZDoom. It's running now, but there are still a couple of problems. I occasionally notice these weird floating exclamation points in places.
  4. Aseph

    UAC Labs by Eric Harris

    Stop feeding the troll, guys. This map was pretty lame. I can recall getting trapped in a secret room near the beginning. I can also recall being put up against ridiculously massive hordes of monsters without nearly enough ammo to take them out. Oh, and finding a Cyberdemon in the second room is never a good sign. As for Eric Harris himself, he was a sociopath. Sociopaths do wacky things. I don't blame Doom, if anything Doom has prevented me from wanting to shoot people. Not that I ever would, of course.
  5. Aseph

    problems playing Simplicity

    I'm using Zdoom 2.3.0, GZDoom 1.2.1
  6. Agent Spork's Simplicity WAD won't run for some reason... whenever I try to launch it (I use the Unleashed launcher) I get an error message that says "Execution could not continue. Script error, "sp_simp.wad:MAPINFO" line 156: Expected '{', got 'cluster'." I tried re-downloading it, and also tried launching it without Unleashed. I also have tried running it in GZDoom and regular ZDoom. How the heck do I fix this? Someone help me out!
  7. I'm making a level with a door that refuses to open all the way. Ceiling and floor height are both 72. It opens right to about where the player's head is, and then stops. I tried adjusting the ceiling and floor height, doesn't help. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Another newbie Doom Builder 2 question. Again, I've read the tutorials, so I'm asking questions that weren't covered in them. So, I don't know how to set up a trap. I want the player to open a door and have another hidden door open behind him. Do I do something involving tags? Or is scripting pretty much required? Also, I don't seem to be able to make key doors work. When I try to open the door before I have the key, the message telling me "Blue Key is Required to Open this Door" comes up just fine. But once I get the key, the door doesn't seem to want to open. Help me, I'm stupid.
  9. Aseph

    Doom Builder 2

    I'm actually not totally sure how to use Boom in Doom Builder. I know I go into Game Configurations and select Boom, but I'm not sure where to go from there... with regular Doom 2, I just add Doom2.wad as a resource. What about Boom? Using the Boom directory as a resource didn't work.
  10. Aseph

    Doom Builder 2

    I tried scrolling around. Also tried Shift+scroll, the mousewheel, and page up/page down keys.
  11. Aseph

    Doom Builder 2

    Another question that wasn't covered in the Tutorial: How do I get a flying enemy (such as a Lost Soul or Cacodemon) to start in the middle of the air instead of being stuck to the floor?
  12. Aseph

    Doom Builder 2

    That certainly solves that problem. Thanks a lot. Still, I'm curious why that wasn't in the tutorials...
  13. Aseph

    Doom Builder 2

    I downloaded Doom Builder 2 yesterday and went through all the tutorials, but I have some questions that weren't answered in those things. Most of them are probably bonehead questions to anyone with even a small amount of experience, so bare with me. 1.Doors I make are always way too thick and huge, and they're rarely the proper proportions to fit the texture. What's a fast/effective way to make a door with the proper width and size? 2.I want to create an area the player walks over that triggers lifts to come down nearby, releasing enemies. So, traps. Do I need scripting for this or can I simply do it with lifts? I tried, the lifts made the "SHUNK" noise but didn't come down. 3.I've examined some other maps and they're way more intricately detailed with much smaller sectors and verticies than Doom Builder seems to want to let me make, even when I'm looking at things that were made IN Doom Builder. What causes restrictions to this certain bulky size? 4.The basic textures for Doom are very limiting. Is there some grandaddy of all texture packs that I should know about? I need a lot more than what I've got. 5.Any other advice for someone who's just starting out?
  14. Aseph

    Inglorious Basterds

    Admirable. I personally can't ever stop myself from seeing every possible trailer/promo for something I'm excited about.