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  1. SaGa

    Speedmapping Resumes

    i dont think ill be around at 1pm.. 2pm yes but 1 nope cant do that :(
  2. SaGa

    Progress Report for EE v3.31 beta 3

    im shure quasar can speak where no one can understand him yet mak eperfect sence
  3. its realy upto the people hosting the servers that gets the multiplayer wads out....so basicly multiplayer megawads are the way to go...... to bad most people cant host servers that are fast enuf to promote a wad or else we have more people playing/more people creating....
  4. SaGa

    Hello and screenshots of my new wad

    this map has a lot of very detailed hallways. nothing wrong with that.
  5. SaGa

    Hmm so much has changed

    i should make a hate list..
  6. SaGa

    Any Metallica fans?

    mitallica, good band, older stuff is better then the newer stuff, ooh and they should kick the drumers ass out of the band get a new drummer, that guy made mitcallica sell outs, and as for them touring with linkin park and limp bizkit. its all about money for the labal companies and stuff, there getting a lot off this.. they should have a tour with tool and mitallica
  7. whould all our other sences be hightened like in dare devil. how about smell. theres more smells i hate then like so
  8. SaGa

    Your Doom directory?

    i just got a new laptop not so long ago only have doom2 and av on it. i need to get everything redownloaded
  9. SaGa

    New Here

    very original user name, for doomworld that is. now for sex chat rooms. i think you find you have some compitition with your name and many other million names
  10. SaGa

    Hmm so much has changed

    iv been nowhere. accually just very lazy to do anything. heh i think i still have my post in the skulltag forums. althou that one isnt THAT old, but still. and i remember several people not liking me. so no hard feelings.
  11. SaGa

    Hmm so much has changed

    maby it wasnt a good idea to come back..*remembers what it was like*..*shrug*
  12. gee so many people, so many names i dont know, wheres the people i do know.... ooh yah did i mention that i was going to leave for a year when i left, sorry...
  13. SaGa

    Greatest game hero!

    hero: probly squall just coze he has that gun blade(i could really use one of those) Enemy: Kuja(ff9) hes the only real serious villian that looks like a cross dresser..(laugh) other then that sephiroth.
  14. i havent been here in like 3 months, just wondering what the progress of the mod is, if there has been any real big progress
  15. SaGa

    ZDaemon Switching Ports?

    Well zdeamon is great and all, if changing the port base, changes the gameplay and feel compleatly different then i dont like it, BWT will carny use this new rewriten code(the zdoom one) like he did with packet compression.