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  1. GCRaistlin

    Doom Center

    Where can I download this "dumb file"? Googling for "skulltag_resources_beta01" gives no result.
  2. GCRaistlin

    GZDoom: save settings for cooperative mode

    Works like a charm, thanks. Is there a way to set teamdamage to 1 by default?
  3. How do I save settings like Lose entire inventory: Yes?
  4. GCRaistlin

    Find a specific sector on the map

    Seems a bit overkill. I thought it is possible from within GZDoom itself.
  5. GCRaistlin

    Find a specific sector on the map

    How do I find a specific sector on the map in GZDoom? How-to-find-a-secret descriptions just drive me crazy...
  6. GCRaistlin

    Can't start SIGIL network game

    I want to play SIGIL in cooperative mode: crispy-doom.exe -server -iwad doom.wad -file SIGIL_v1_21.wad -warp 51 The start screen ("Waiting for game start...") appears. I press Space to play and... nothing. DOOM doesn't launch. If I remove "-server" switch or change -warp argument to "41" it launches OK. Any ideas?
  7. GCRaistlin

    Email notifications

    How do I get email notifications on new posts in topics I'm subscribed to? In Notification settings, the corresponding options are greyed out.
  8. GCRaistlin

    Scythe 2 run error

    So even Crispy is not enough to complete map32?
  9. GCRaistlin

    Scythe 2 run error

    And? How can I run it?
  10. GCRaistlin

    Scythe 2 run error

    I can't run Scythe 2 with Chocolate Doom 3.0.0 and DOOM2.WAD (14604584 bytes): W_CacheLumpNum: 1313485 >= numlumps Scythe is working fine on this configuration.