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  1. Martinoz

    E1 UDMF-ified (aka KDIZD-Lite) dev thread

    Looks really nice, keeping the fingers crossed
  2. A great demo to try for sure (found out that Computer Map secret is indeed three secrets in one^^)
  3. Martinoz


    Haven't done an almost 3 hour long video for a lot of time
  4. Martinoz

    doom 1, but hard(er)

    Seeing the OPs nickname is already a warning to avoid the WAD.
  5. Martinoz

    After Doom (seven maps )

    The last added map (Hate Never Dies) is a truly difficult experience I must admit, while having only a few secrets (2) it is surely the most difficult one from the list. Never felt so stumped by the enemies in different arenas, even the beginning kicks ass. Mine only gripe are the health pickups and maybe the ammo in final arena.
  6. Martinoz

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    A DOOM 2 WAD demo that had 4 levels done afaik, played it like several months ago. First level was a techbase with a river of lava in the middle of the map, the last map of the demo as I remember was placed in a high tech base with the teleporters.
  7. Extremely good map, heck I've even managed to make it playable with PB 3.0 compressing some textures, was surprised that my PC did not explode at the beginning
  8. Recorded one of the levels despite the obvious compatibility issues but it was a minor thing and I must admit, all of the maps in Water Chapter are fantastic. The aesthetics are great, I love the fact that monster quantity at first is misleading and there are way more to join with nasty teleports. Breathtaking climax, visuals are incredible, lots of details, felt like playing Serious Sam 2nd Encounter again.
  9. Martinoz

    Vow of Vengeance [RC5]

    My playthrough with the older version of the map - frankly the hardest one is the first level, the second one is really close because of few small rooms and lack of space to navigate. In overall pretty good WAD with tons of action.