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  1. TeeDeeGee

    Your thoughts on Valorant

    I play Valorant with friends sometimes, I haven't brought myself to play alone since it's not as fun when solo queuing. I like the game, it's tons of fun when I do play it. if I were to really get into competitive and grind for high ranks Valorant is up there next to TF2 and OW
  2. Just finished the 3rd map and it's still a blast to play! I can't think of anything too different without sounding like a broken record, it's still exciting and the maps are alive and feel like a tech base. It may be because I'm garbage at this game but the hall full of hit scanners really felt like a huge jump in difficulty, maybe put map 3 a little later in the full WAD or tone it down a bit. Just an idea though. Can't wait to see the next challenge in map 4!
  3. I finally got around to playing the second map and it was tons of fun as well! I didn't see any alignment errors and I never felt I was in an empty room, there was always something that made lifelike. My previous stays the same here aside from the nitpicks I had. There was one thing though. I got stuck inside this pillar and had to go back to my previous save, a switch or allowing the box to be lowered on the other side should fix this. I'm excited to see the third map and the rest of the WAD!
  4. TeeDeeGee

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    satan got tired of the usual red pentagram, so he decided to use the bright red and blue hell carpet texture instead
  5. TeeDeeGee

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm trying to do a solo run on Terraria and beat the game for the first time. I have a problem picking up a game and completely forgetting about it and I really hope I can play for longer than 2 weeks.
  6. This map was tons of fun! The pacing was great and it kept you on the looking forward for the next bunch of demons to destroy, the difficulty was on the easy side but the Hellknight traps definitely gives a good shock and kept me on my toes. The map looks good for a classic tech base themed level and I didn't notice that much alignment errors. Also the secret was a nice surprise and I much appreciate the extra ammo! Some rooms felt a little empty and a little decoration would make it feel lively. There was one alignment issue I found in the bottom room on the side of the roof in the stairwell, I think you can align that all the way to the next room at the top. But other then that I found no more noticeable errors. I'm excited for the rest of the maps you'll create!