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  1. Speshul Eddy

    jDoom textures

    oops, didn't mean to sound harsh or anything, if that's what you mean. ^^ Come to think of it, I haven't E-mailed him about it yet (just assumed he would know about something of that nature, but I'm dense like that =P).
  2. Speshul Eddy

    jDoom textures

    I'm very much aware of that, and I have the files in the right directory and am running in openGL. Just about all of them are working fine, but a couple aren't and I'm just trying to figure out why.
  3. Speshul Eddy

    jDoom textures

    there's a link the to Doom2 retexturing project site in the JDoom site's link section. The download is pretty hefty (43 megs), but it has about 150 replacement textures, (almost) all of which work and look very nicely. =)
  4. Speshul Eddy

    What Do You DO For A Living?

    I specialize in the lucrative and ever growing field of taking random food items from a conveyer-belt and playing a high-stakes game of Tetris to make them fit into large paper sacks, while some yuppie bitch acts like she knows more about it than I. =) I also attend the local Community College in Marin County,(near San Francisco) a place where everyone is apparently more important than you or I.
  5. Speshul Eddy

    jDoom textures

    Howdy all, I just downloaded the newest hi-res texture pack from the Doom2 retexturing project, and they look great and work fine...except for the switches, the exit door, and the big green tech-door, which don't show up. =( Anyway, just wondering if anyone else noticed this? If so, is it and issue with how the engine looks up textures for those things, or are the files just named wrong? files in question are: exit door) DOOR3_4.PNG DOOR3_5.PNG DOOR3_6.PNG big green door) DOOR9_2.PNG switches) SW1S0.PNG SW1S1.PNG SW2_5.PNG SW2_6.PNG SW2S0.PNG SW2S1.PNG SW4S0.PNG SW4S1.PNG are those correct texture names?
  6. Speshul Eddy

    Ideas, Questions about ammo

    I could just be smokin crack, but I'm pretty sure SoF2 does that. At least I seem to remember times when I'd run over some ammo and hear the pickup sound, but the item was still there until I reloaded and ran over it again.
  7. Speshul Eddy

    Where is CACO dammit!?

    Well, I certainly wouldn't want THAT thing coming out of a nukage pit to eat me! Then again, glowing green nuclear waste wouldn't fit in too well with the more realistic aproach of the new game. In any case, I think good old Hissy would fit right in. The only changes I'd make would be to make him/her/it about 2/3 the original size and give it the same color(not shape, mind you) as the Doom64 Caco. For the death sequence, they could set it up so when you deliver the final shot, the critter would spray that blue shit from the point of impact, altering it's trajectory as it falls slightly, and causing it to sort of roll around on the floor spraying nasty gunk everywhere, until it collapses in a steaming heap. Based on what I've heard, I'm pretty sure the engine could do that.^^
  8. Speshul Eddy

    MP3 soundtracks for JDoom!

    I got the psx Doom soundtrack from the Doom Depot a while back, and I was wondering how to make an audio.ded file for that. I tried opening the existing audio.ded to figure it out for myself, but I got an "unknown ladel" error. =(
  9. According to the readme, doomsday supports mp3 music through fmod, and there is an option in the new control panel for an external music source. Unfortunately, it doesn't say anything about what directory to put the files in, or creating a definition file, or whatever you have to do for Jwhatever to recognize and play the music. I've searched the jDOOM page pretty thoroughly, as well the the docs and some forums to no avail, and I'd appreciate if someone could tell me the embarrasingly simple thing I'm overlooking. =P
  10. Speshul Eddy

    Help with jDoom

    I remember going apeshit trying to get models working after they changed the directory structure. Thankfully it's mostly cleared up now. =)
  11. Speshul Eddy

    Any other PCs like AV ?

    Hey, I feel kinda dumb asking this, but where can I download Alien Vendetta? Can't find in the idgames directory. Also does anyone know if it runs under jDOOM?
  12. Speshul Eddy

    High tech armor (one for the realism freaks)

    Sheep/Spiders, what the Hell? ...Ok, I just had this vision of an Eight-legged sheep devouring the remains of some other unfortunate farm animal. o_O Thanks a lot, I think I'm gonna have nightmares tonight. =P BTW, yeah I think I heard something about the military experimenting with chemical lasers on transport planes or some shit. The crazy thing about that is you can have the "business end" of the weapon just be a dome containing a rotating lens, so you don't even have to point the nose th eplane at something to vaporize it...creepy^.^
  13. Speshul Eddy

    your system sucks

    /yawns Holy shit, must be like a year since the last time I wrote something here. =P Anyway, I use an Athlon 750, 256mb(133)ram, geForce 2 gts 32mb(sdr, i think). It does everything I need it to, but for some reason, most Direct3D games run like molasses on a cold day. My buddy's machine (p3-450, geforce1 32ddr,192ram), runs Unreal Tourney almost the same. Still, I don't see any reason why I just HAVE to have 2 ghz cpu, unless I was doing professional animation or something(dream on^^).
  14. Speshul Eddy

    the tard cart

    Geez, man! I know people like to cut corners when ti comes to maintinance, but that's freakin ridiculous. =P
  15. Speshul Eddy

    You know when you play Doom too much when...

    33: You notice that the Janitor's closet is locked, so you proceed to run around knocking people out and searching their pockets for a red keycard, in the hopes that there's a plasma-gun and perhaps some first-aid kits in said closet.