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  1. My 3 are blood punch dropping health, increase air movement, and survive death blow slowing time
  2. Dr. Toboggan

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    I like them all differently.. Just depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm feeling a chocolate doom vanilla runthrough. Sometimes I'm feeling a brutal doom mouselook runthrough. They all are fun in their own ways. If you passionately hate something so similar to something else, you're discounting yourself.
  3. Dr. Toboggan

    Do you feel the Doom Eternal community is becoming toxic?

    On the inverse side, there was a portion of the community that acted like absolute divas about the marauders. There were so many posts when the game first came out complaining about them and their "steep" and out of place learning curve. Now, low and behold, they throw two of them at you at once in the DLC, and I've seen "2 at once is not that bad" comments countless times on the sub. Talk about a turnaround
  4. Dr. Toboggan

    Criticism and what I would improve about Doom Eternal

    In regards to grenades, The problem with the combat shotgun grenade launcher is that is that the L1/left button grenade is 10x more efficient. It allows you to launch a grenade while you're using another gun. You don't have to switch from ballista to grenade launcher before you can explode some demons. So, if they were to remove one method for grenade utilization, it 100% should be the combat shotgun.
  5. Dr. Toboggan

    Your opinion on Twitter?

    There's only 2 social media platforms in the F tier, and Twitter is one of them.
  6. This is still pretty much the best Doom run I've ever seen... No one touches Zero Master, I swear to god
  7. 9/11, Bill Clinton Impeachment, Hurricane Katrina, Not Another Teen Movie
  8. Dr. Toboggan

    Best video game BFG?

    The Thundergun/ZuesCannon from Black Ops Zombies. Honestly, a lot of the wonder weapons from CoD Zombies.
  9. Please god just give us deathmatch or something.
  10. Dr. Toboggan

    What Is Your Opinion On TLOU2?

    @TheMagicMushroomMan Jesus Christ. Those takes could probably trigger, like... well into 8 figures worth of people, lol. Most of those games are among the most critically acclaimed of their respective generations. ND was pretty much nothing but net up until TLOU2 to just about anyone that enjoys story-driven games, 3PS's or platformers. As for TLOU2. It shouldn't exist. It has much in common with Star Wars 7. A very mediocre completely fan-service driven shoehorned-in reboot sequel with a lamer story and characters I don't care about, along with killing off the old guy main character that everybody loved.
  11. Dr. Toboggan

    Quake needs a "doomworld"

    Closest you'll find community-wise is r/quake. But, in the nature of Reddit, it's pretty fucking lame.
  12. Dr. Toboggan

    So what is the best game on the build engine you think?

    Boy am I glad my brain doesn't work like this
  13. Dr. Toboggan

    What is Romero's absolute best map if you could only pick one?

    E1M7 is 10/10 map design, mediocre difficulty E4M2 is mediocre map design, 10/10 difficulty Sigil is 10/10 map design, 10/10 difficulty
  14. Dr. Toboggan


    Big fat RIP heart goes out to Csonicgo and those who knew him