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  1. Dr. Toboggan

    How old is everyone here?

    Plenty of people don't well into their mid-late 20s
  2. Dr. Toboggan

    Is 80-85 too old of an age to live to?

    Can't really say until I get there. I honestly can't think of one person that's 80+ years old that I've met personally that has a fiery desire to just be dead already, though... I'm sure they're out there. But, I've also seen people who are up there that have actually said the last 10-20 years of their life up to that point had been their favorite part.
  3. My personal favorites would have to be: Kurzgesagt just due to the ridiculous animation quality and fascinating nature of the topic at hand. They always find the most interesting things to teach you about. YourMovieSucksDOTorg because I'm a cinephile, enjoy his semi-harsh take on movies and find myself agreeing with him 9/10 times. Great to watch before checking a movie out. Nexpo, I'm a giant horror buff and this guy specializes in making video essays about creepy mysterious things that have occurred on the internet. Honorable mention Night Mind, he does very similar stuff.
  4. Dr. Toboggan

    Composing MIDI

    Oh I see, you'll want to make a wad archive in Slade
  5. Zero. The one time that happened in my adult life, within 3 months I was depressed and alcoholic
  6. Hell yeah, you can't rush art like Honey or AD
  7. Dr. Toboggan

    Composing MIDI

    FL Studio does everything you'll need and more, especially if you're just looking for vanilla doom-esque music. Highly recommend that just due to how great and accessible the piano roll is. As for the sound generation, you probably have everything you need within the FL's 1st-party native VSTs. FL Slayer will give you that midi sounding electric guitar, and Harmor/Sytrus can give you synth sounds. Look up tutorials on those plugins if you need. I've used FL for like 10 years, if you have more specific questions you can message me.
  8. Dr. Toboggan

    Best doom game

    My answer would be Doom 2 if Sandy Peterson hadn't made half the maps. Gimmick, maze, empty, empty, maze, maze, gimmick, so on. Civvie said it best, if you have to put arrows in a Doom level giving directions, it's probably lamely designed. That said, a majority of the best wads are for Doom 2. Also the SSG and new demons speak for themselves. But vanilla game alone goes to Ultimate Doom imo.
  9. Dr. Toboggan

    What are you playing now?

    Going through the cream of the crop - concerned, 2002, adventures of square
  10. Dr. Toboggan

    [Noob Question] Running Doom 2 wads through Steam

    Yeah after further research, I learned it's pretty much a lost cause as of 2017(?) due to this Steam function (judging by the comments). Apparently since Doom 2 runs off a .bat file unlike Ultimate Doom, it's not feasible. Oh well, I'll just play without Steam. Also thanks for info @Nine Inch Heels I'm going to reinstall.
  11. Dr. Toboggan

    [Noob Question] Running Doom 2 wads through Steam

    Huh interesting mind me asking why? Thanks for response I'll try a different sourceport
  12. Dr. Toboggan

    [Noob Question] Running Doom 2 wads through Steam

    Yessir, deleted dosbox and replaced it with a renamed gzdoom. It runs Doom 2 perfectly
  13. Ah didn't notice. I guess metacritic doesn't consider 5/10 negative enough.
  14. I was referring to those "prestigious" enough be aggregated into the 63% metascore
  15. Really makes the professional critics look spineless.. Literally not one negative review.