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  1. garbaged

    Looking for a very specific sourceport

    I second this @evanisdead
  2. This site has that screenshot and a ton of other ones as well https://www.resetera.com/threads/help-find-post-articles-about-classic-1993-doom-pc-and-mid-90s-console-ports.80127/
  3. garbaged

    Doom Books [JOKE]

    I'd ALMOST make this my new profile picture.
  4. garbaged

    Whatever happened to dwango9.wad

    Ah, I see. Fair enough! It happens.
  5. garbaged

    Whatever happened to dwango9.wad

    Some random stuff: http://fuz.fi/doom2/irc/8-97-week1.txt contains a user who talks about not being able to find dwango9 in the ftp servers. (Ctr-F dwango to find it). https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Talk:DWANGO talks about dwango9 as if its legit. https://www.wad-archive.com/wad/The-Best-of-DWANGO-Dwango50-wad & http://iddqd.ru/doom/levels/dwangopack_alpha.txt directly refer to its existence. (could be referring the the apparently-fake one of the same name)
  6. possibly this ? http://psychosaurus.com/frames/doomindex.html This image shows up multiple times in reverse image searches, this is the only relevant link I found so far.
  7. Hack or not, this is one of my all-time favorite posts in any forum.
  8. Do you not like how your stuff turned out?
  9. garbaged

    Some problems with XWE about index or whatever

    This has happened to me numerous times unfortunately. Backups are key! Still, its usable for a lot of modern doom modding if used carefully. If interested in older doom software, another usable program is SlumpED, the precursor to Slade; really no real reason to use it to Slade, and I prefer XWE to this. I should qualify my above statement that, XWE is a "great", old program. (Emphasis on old).
  10. garbaged

    Some problems with XWE about index or whatever

    Xwe is a great old lil program, just make lottsa backups of your stuff @AtticTelephone
  11. garbaged

    LMP audio format?

  12. garbaged

    LMP audio format?

    use freac to convert various audio formats to the desired single audio format. use slade3 to convert the .lmp files into "doom wavs" (they are just wavs) and export them from slade3 via right click & export dialogue.