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  1. oCrapaCreeper

    Where did the "All Doom wads are canon" Idea come from?

    I don't think I saw it until the Slayer Testaments from 2016 suggested the Doom Marine crosses through worlds and time. It was still left vague enough people could use their imagination and I guess that's just one of the ideas that floated around. We now know from Eternal that hell is the first world and thus is connected to all of existence, implying Doomguy could have rampaged around space and time for an unknown period after Doom 64. Are they going to bother explaining the "canon" events of what happened after? Of course not, they skip right to when he got warped to Sentinel Prime and was already crazy. We already know what he was doing, same thing he has always done. In my head if they are going with the route that Doomguy has fought demons for literal eons and is literally too angry to be killed, it's whatever canon you want really. It's all ultimately about one man fighting impossible odds over and over again and not thinking too much about why, because it's fun.
  2. oCrapaCreeper

    I like the master lvls alot

    All the master levels are good and I generally prefer them to the base game counter parts. Cultist Base also has a master level but you have to buy the rip and tear pack now if you didn't pre-order which makes it meh. ARC Complex I feel like got rushed out at launch so they had at least one master level at launch that wasn't gated; it's buggy and not nearly as hard as the others, and the music not functioning correctly irks me still. I would absolutely recommend both DLC; all levels in The Ancient Gods 1 are sort of master levels in their own right. TAG2 isn't as ball busting but it also contains the best master level in the game that tests you against everything, but it still really makes me hope they make more. Post-launch support as been quiet lately though besides skins.
  3. oCrapaCreeper

    Is there a mod to skip platforming in TAGs?

    The platforming requires less time and braincells to preform than making a post about it.
  4. oCrapaCreeper

    Is Doomguy the Doomslayer?

    That's brown, not black.
  5. oCrapaCreeper

    How did they invade Immora? (TAG2 spoilers)

    My headcanon is the sentinels can warp where ever the Slayer is, since he was a commander and king for them at one point who led them in battle. They couldn't get to Immora otherwise until the Slayer made it. Make that light on his suit's chest glow before the portals open for more dramatic effect.
  6. oCrapaCreeper

    If Doomguy had one-liners...

    The "No." he said in Doom Eternal was sufficient enough IMO given the context.
  7. oCrapaCreeper

    I called it.

    The pre-order bonus content has been sold as DLC content for quite a while now, right? 2 skins and a master level locked away? How is selling series skins people otherwise can't get again any worse? I mean at least it looks like they are going to run mini-series before putting each one on sale, if it will be like Series 1.
  8. oCrapaCreeper

    I called it.

    It seems much preferred compared to it being locked away forever.
  9. oCrapaCreeper

    Why is Doomguy super hyper fast?

    "And now... they will fear you."
  10. oCrapaCreeper

    Why is Doomguy super hyper fast?

    Eternal's deep and overly complex lore paints him out to be the chosen supreme badass of the Earth dimension even before he got divine steroids, so maybe he really has been running as fast as a rocket powered wheel chair. Of course, he decided to run slower in the reboot. Obviously this is so the Demons could af least have a chance see his bowling ball sized biceps before being turned into tomato paste. Or maybe the ability to jump or move his head up and down was too radical for him, and there had to be a trade off.
  11. oCrapaCreeper

    Doom Eternal's Lorebook

    Hell calling the Maykrs false gods makes a lot more sense now with the context in TAG 2.
  12. oCrapaCreeper

    There is plenty of story left for a new Doom game

    That big blue portal in the Ingmore's Sanctum is still left unexplained. I feel like it leads to wherever Davoth came from.
  13. oCrapaCreeper

    There is plenty of story left for a new Doom game

    You can reboot a game or movie and not reboot the canon or story completely. It's just Doom 3's story sadly was not fit into what they decided. Timeline before 2016 goes something like: Doom 1 and 2 happen, kicking starting the man's eternal hatred for demons. Doom 64 happens, Marine saves earth again but chooses to stay in hell because he's had enough of earth being invaded. His only purpose is to kill demons now, probably stayed there for a long time. Is eventually almost killed and finds a portal... Doomed Space Marine with crippling PTSD about demons gets spat into Argent d' Nur presumably millions of years before humanity even existed Argent Energy is secretly invented as an accidental result of the marine bringing the demons with him to that world and Urdak becoming aware of Hell's existence. Oops Davoth secretly convinces Samur Maykr to convince himself that he is a prophet, and that he needs to juice the marine up with god power because Khan Maykr bad Samur and the Father run away to hide on Earth, out of the Father's fear of Davoth. Father strips his stolen divine power to become VEGA but can not remember himself after that. Samur dropped his Maykr form in favor of a cloned human body to hide. The rest of the Sentinel arc happens, Marine as a god king now commands the Sentinels to destroy Hell with him, but they find out about the Khan Maykr's deal with Davoth... A very very long time (presumably eons) passes after Valen's betrayal that ruined the Slayer's war against the Khan Maykr. Hell is now being tortured and brought to its knees by the Slayer who has been fighting since. Everyone has had enough of him. So the Hell Priests lure him into a temple, collapsed it, and then trap him in a cursed sarcophagus Dark Lord writes the Slayer testaments; warns all of Hell that his failed experiment inside the box is a terrifying monster that will kill everyone. Samuel dances into Hell with a robot body and retrieves the thing that will kill everyone like its his own weapon, brings it to an Earth he already has had influence over for a long time now. And so the cycle continues... Got convoluted very fast? Lots of things we still don't know? Yup. That's probably why it's not ever broken down like that in the game, it's too complicated to explain to most people and especially to those who don't particularly care or like the direction it is going. When the only official explanation for classic timeline being canon is "yeah he saved a different earth", they're not going for small strokes with the story that aren't worth explaining. They're going all in with the multi-dimensional stuff. Trying to fit Doom 3 in on top of this would be even worse even if it may not be hard to do with existing information. It's more important to move the story forward and address smaller issues with it as they go IMO, they have a lot set up and can go in quite a few directions.
  14. Much like us, fleshy beings he made can't live forever, they age and die. Davoth's creator made him immortal, but he can not do that with his creations. Fatal flaw with his power, even if he was an "almighty" god. That's why the Maykrs' were made, machines don't age and die old, different approach to a being. Davoth hoped they could find a way to let his people do it too. They did, before the entity he trusted (vega) promptly stole his power and then sealed him away while re writing history to hide that fact from the rest of existance from that point on. Poor guy.
  15. oCrapaCreeper

    Would DE have been better without reactionary enemies?

    As shown above, the Marauder can be killed in so many different ways, even without waiting for his eyes, he's by far the least problematic of the bunch. I mean, the freaking chaingun shield can kill him. Armored Baron is fine since the skill shot is not hard to shoot and you have an easy way to kill him without the skill shot. Blood Maykr is just barely tolerable on nightmare after the slight nerf recently, though they can at least still be killed without headshots and can even be chainsawed, as long as their shield is down. Plus the Microwave beam trick is neat too. Cursed Prowler can can go drown in purple goo. Either give me a guaranteed blood punch when I get cursed, give the dashing back, or both. Having your screen blocked with green and having a DOT on you is bad enough as it is. The bosses that have it are bosses; so different context needs to be considered. Davoth is just tedious IMO.