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  1. RNG rapes me in MAP08... you need some help from valiant warriors in shiny armor. Anyway, cheers !! :D
  2. Back. Map circle is reduced to maps MAP01 - MAP10. Random of course. The reason is simple, since i am slightly drunk i didn´t realise the epic scale of Clusterfuck and maps with a certain design and/or slightly higher enemy numbers. Dumb me. C´mon now and waste some time with this madness.
  3. Well... nobody did join so far. No surprise, DOOM is niché after all. Whatever, i had fun already and noticed a decent flaw in my config which i am going to correct NOW. Expect up to 5 mins downtime from NOW [aka post date/time, kek].
  4. =- MSX -= CzechBox Ragequit Party Friday *24/04/20* - server goes online 10 minutes after this post appears for the first time. thank you for your time. It´s easy as fu**, here is the deal: i am getting cozy and drunk and it´s fu***ng friday after a long week of work and i want to play some DOOM my way. Normally i play alone even when i host via [TSPG]. I will just try this time and see if this little weird but honest and cozy (thanks oh cold beer) post can move some souls and guide them to join me in my mislead crusade against the demonic forces from hell. And chit-chat. And more beer. And a lot of crazy RNG-driven madness. It´s just fun and i hope you we can enjoy it together. Ah... here are the details anyway: - i play Zandronum and host via the most honourable [TSPG] (Hail you !!!) - the wad for this session is czechbox.wad - the maps will come up random after map01 - the tunes this time come from c64d2music.wad (i love all this "music pack for DOOM"-wads, honestly if you got good ones, send them over !!!) - you get 3 lives... still, so much room for failure and RNG-infused ragequits but i hope you stick anyway - there is lower gravity then usual 800, it´s 600 in here and this too is on purpose and should be exploited wherever possible - i freaking love loot - i wish there would be even more loot... but well - you keep everything when you die but you will always drop your weapon upon death - other players should take note ;-) - i like to chit-chat and i hope you do as well - the config is my own brew, it results in a gameplay style which is actually and totally my cup of tea nowadays and if you dont like it that´s okay - i play DOOM since it´s initial release and still love it and love the good shape in which DOOM still is and i hope forever will be Guess that´s it. Let´s see where we go from here. Even more details:
  5. MSX

    What are you playing now?

    Running CC1 on TSPG with Complex Clusterfuck and SNES jukebox. Pure love. If anybody wants to join me, it's the Clusterfuck Ragequit Club.
  6. MSX

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    That hit the nail on the head. Thank you !!! Will run this with insane RNG juice and CD. I will love it.
  7. MSX

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Looking for a WAD with only small maps. It was the outcome of some challenge of sorts. I cannot remember clearly. The maps where small and hilarious compact while being well made, gameplay and design-wise. Each map was made by another person, as far as i can remember. Anyway, if you have a clue let me know.
  8. I think it is still to early to predict the final scale. I guess that people in #1 world countries are still rather safe because of mostly rather modern and functional medical enviroments (you can have the elderly, old, infants and people with weak immune defence on the list of the most endangered groups). Still, most of the world is #2 and #3 world countries. What will happen if the virus arrives at the vast refugee camps of the Middle East ? It is still to early to predict but i personally think that this has the potential to kill some people for sure.
  9. MSX

    What are you playing now?

    Doing Speed Of Doom at the momemt with Doom Slayers Rampage mod.
  10. I can second the whole post above me. Just you know.
  11. MSX

    Dorohedoro references Doom

    Yeah, same for me. Just love it. Everything about it and the DOOM - reference well, it didnt hurt either.
  12. MSX

    Worst WADS?

    Wow... this old story. When it did happen back then, they really put out the arguements of old again: video games and heavy metal music. It would be funny if not for the tragedy behind it. You can totally forget his maps. Point. Next.
  13. MSX

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    Guess i will hop on the Archvile train then. It´s that simple.