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  1. ShadyXMR

    crazy questions

    Heh, good answer. :P
  2. ShadyXMR

    based off WTF

    I can't wait until the Reds take over, then I'll be able to GROW GUNS IN THE GLORIOUS SOIL OF RED SQUARE! W00T! For the most part I agree that it is quite idiotic to keep something illegal when there are other things that on average cause more harm and are legal. Just the Libertarian in me doing some talking.
  3. ShadyXMR

    Racial Profiling

    Fuck political correctness. In order to please the ones that constantly whine for special treatment you must call them "Black African American Colored Negroes" to cover all time periods. I have come to think of any group based on a racial distinction is racist. "Hispanic Heritage Award" ... "Black History Month" ... I'd like to know where "Asian History Month" is or "European History Month".
  4. ShadyXMR

    The FCC

    It may be that the airwaves upon which they are broadcast are part of the public domain and therefore must be regulated or something. At least that's what they told us in school.
  5. ShadyXMR

    Mind bending question.... paradox

    Well, actually, I don't mean to sound like a tree-hugging hippie or anything, but technically the land is free. We had no right to come over here and slice the land up like a pie and sell it. Bah. I agree. I'm beginning to view money (especially the government based standard that is used now) as somewhat arbitrary. Oh well, then again, basing it off of the scarcity of a rock isn't much more logical. :P
  6. ShadyXMR

    Gun control

    I'll bet I'm in a minority when I say this, but if my "fellow human beings" have enough nerve and indecency to lay a hand on something that my family worked for and bought with their own money let alone try to steal it and flee then I feel that I have a small, minimal, minute right to make a little noise and let them know that I won't stand for their shit. Realize, half of the "Right to bear arms to defend your home" business has its basis on the fact that you shouldn't have to empty your clip in the invader's chest to get your point across. The very prospect that my dad has a firearm and is WILLING to use it to defend his property and family should be enough to ward off these idiots and let them know to not try that shit again. NO. NO. My dad is NOT that stupid. Shooting an unarmed man... c'mon. They only reason he didn't end up shooting (or in any of the other two cases) is because they other guys didn't have anything to defend themselves with, and by anything I mean a knife or a gun, and even then I'd say the only time to shoot back is if they come at you. He only went in persuit of them to retrieve his property, not to blow their brains out.
  7. ShadyXMR

    The Doomguy's helmet

    Perhaps there is some sort of innovation in the art of helmets between now and when DOOM is said to have taken place.
  8. ShadyXMR


    Correction: Humans always find a way to screw everything up. ;-) Agreed :). And just for saying that I'll probably be flamed by someone for being an "almighty" fool. Heh.
  9. ShadyXMR

    Gun control

    Heh, I don't think the insurance covers bikes. The money is not the matter, it is the fact that someone would invade our private space like that fuck our stuff over like that is what gets me. Yeah, go ahead, flame me, but you may think differently when it actually happens. (There were no shots fired, I hope you know this, as was the case in the other instances when he had to involve a firearm in defense of home) There's actually a good chance that it was some sort of gang. I guess the 88 degree heat brings them to life.
  10. I passed my test last month and the dumb redhead bitch gave me nine errors (15 is allowed). Little pussy errors too. "Traffic Check" "Unnecessary Stop" (shit, I'm only making the stops that other idiots on the road fail to make :P ). I had one "major" error when I came to this two a four way stop where my road didn't have a stop sign but I stopped anyway, and when I finally decided to go oncoming traffic was, well, oncoming.
  11. ShadyXMR

    You will never be free

  12. ShadyXMR

    Gun control

    Here's something actually related to gun control. Last night, at about 3 AM, shortly after I went to bed, a group of idiots came bounding up our steps (we live in a condo complex). The dog went berzerk, barking his head off. They came all the way up to where we keep our bikes LOCKED to the patio rail. They proceeded to DESTROY the locks and steal the bikes. However, in the meantime, my father was up, getting loosely dressed, and loading his Colt .45. He picked up his truck's keys and openned the door. They hadn't gotten far, so he was able to catch up with them on foot. He yelled several warnings and probably some obsenities. When the scum-shit thieves turned and SAW my dad, ARMED, they immediately dropped one of the bikes and ran as if they had just seen DooMBoy. One. The other must have escaped with the thieves in the confusion and darkness. I ask you: WHERE WAS THE BRILLIANT POLICE FORCE OR THE GOOD HONEST GOVERNMENT WHEN I NEEDED THEIR SWAT TEAMS TO KICK THE SHIT OUT OF THESE TEENAGE ASSLICKERS? Not there. I ask you: Would we still have even ONE of those bikes back in our possession if there was not a Second Amendment and a responsible, armed citizen in my house? NO. So don't tell me that guns should be banned God dammit. If they were and my dad had to use knives or a baseball bat, he'd actually have to USE them (no one gets scared at someone brandishing a baseball bat ... they laugh instead) and physically hurt them. NOW THAT WOULDN'T BE TOO PLEASANT, EH? I am thankful that my dad was able to retrieve one of those $100 bikes, but I am extremely angry that we lost the second. I feel like ripping someone's head off right now.
  13. ShadyXMR

    You will never be free

    SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY Does it really need to be simplified? Isn't as simple as it can get? If you're dissatisfied with the "slavery" that society is, then just go to the woods and live off what nature can provide you with......uhh ooops, that's another aspect where you're dependent on something: Nature's mercy. Heh, the "SIMPLIFY" thing was from Thoreau's book where that guy went to the woods for two years... :)
  14. ShadyXMR

    You will never be free

    SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY Actually I have, it was called "Blow out the human race" but that didn't last long. :P /me looks at title. Heh.
  15. ShadyXMR


    Whatever happened to good old fashioned light sockets?