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  1. Mickgr

    Quake guy minibust (painted)

    Shapeless, what modelling clay/putty is it that you use. I want to start having a go at it myself but I haven't got a clue where to start.
  2. Damn, where to start on the dreams front. I must have one f*cked up mind, I seem to have nightmares every other week, extremely disturbing ones too, and they seem to last forever. Right, let's see... Well, I was in my old house (this dream is off a while ago, so the details are a bit fuzzy, wish you could record your dreams, anyway), in the kitchen when three extremely tall skeletons with old leather, shin-high boots and long straggly hair walked in. Surrounding me, blocking my path out. One of them reached out and scratched the top of my head. Now this may sound weird, but I actually felt it and it hurt (anybody else experienced this is a dream?) I bolted out of the house and into the street. It's night-time. In the main road are three rotten corpses, dressed in smart, evening wear, as if they were going for a posh meal. The are slowly dancing, clumsy, they have top hats on too. Really horrible too, they are shiny, slimy, dripping as they are rotting through the clothes. One of them is clinging to some railings by my old house, swaying when his whole face falls off and lands face-up (no pun intended) onto the road. It starts laughing, horrible laugh though, gargled, deep, really horrible, I can still remember it. I run out of the street and straight into a subway (which funnily isn't there in real life) I keep running and evenyually come to my old friend Brian's house. He takes me into the house but once he closes the door, we are in a white room with no windows, no doors, a single old couch on one side of the room, and an old TV on the other. We sit down with his gran on the couch (who was looking after him). As we do, the weather comes on, the weather shows the map of England with what looks like four large birds moving towards the North of England (where I live). The weather man says, and at about four thirty the wrinklies will be entering northern england. I check my watch and it reads 4:30. At that point the room rapidly begins to fill with water, it's raining heavily from above too, I can't see under the water but feel things pushing and touching. Suddenly (and this scared the shit out of me, one of those forceful wake-up moments) a snarling man's face burts out of the water, it's sickly blue, snarling his teeth. He has one of those hanging bits of skin coming from his forehead that turkeys do, he has a large bird body, maybe a huge turkeys or an ostrich and he's rapidly swimming towards my face, still snarling, shaking his head rapidly, in a frenzy....I wake up. Other dreams are just as weird, some even scarier. One I had just recently involved smoking. I smoke occasionaly when I go out for a drink with friends. Parents are always getting on at me to stop, how bad it is. What I remember from this dream is sitting in my living room with family. Suddenlt the living room starts to turn old, decayed, rotten, dusty and dirty. My view pans to my family members who are now in their seats, but with medical oxygen masks on, skin wrinkled and dying, eyes hazy and almost closed, wheezing, trying to speak. All looking at me, pointing. Now before this I was aware of sitting next to my mother. I still am, I feel her put her arm around me but it feels crackly, dusty, stiff. I turn and look and I'll never forget this, her face has decayed, she has no eyes, her teeth are showing and her dead skin is flaking off onto me and she speaks, something about, it's alright, give your mam a hug, but I just wanted to be away, another one of those moments where you wake yourself up with a scream. Truly horrific image. As for scary things in reality. No shit, this happened. Was downstairs playing Goldeneye yonks ago, 3 player with my brother and sister, probably 6-7 years ago. It was about 3 in the morning (school hols). I had finished playing and decided to go to bed. The only light that was on was the living room. I had to go through the kitchen, then the landing to get to the stairs (both of which were not pitch black because of the living room light, but quite dark anyway). I went into the kitchen, put my dog to bed, then headed to the landing. Well (shit, shivering typing this, memories are coming back, haven't thought of this in years, damn this topic!) I got about half-way down the landing when my path was blocked by what I can only describe as a dark shape, about my height (I am seriously not liking this typing rememberance thing). It was just there, in my way, a dark, human sized black shape, a dark figure, in the dark with me, about 6 feet away. Well, I bolted, back into the living room, wouldn't go upstairs without my bro, sis or the dog, kept the dog locked in my bedroom all night, never slept a wink, not at all, never been soo scared in my life ever. Still do not know what it was, but I don't ever want to see anything like that again. Maybe a ghost, maybe a trick of the mind (doubt it), dunno, but inbelievably scary none-the-less. Well, that's me. Mick.
  3. Mickgr

    Frightening Gamez

    Silent Hill 1. Really creepy. It broke from the norm when it came to scaring you, relying on fear of the unknown. Things such as sounds and incredibly disturbing lighting and camera angles, you think you saw something, but weren't quite sure, then you hear the noises, you can make out shadows moving and you can hear them, but they aren't in your face like in the RE series. Add to that the 'other world' basically a bloodier, more sadistic and more terrifying copy of the real world. It feels familiar and you think you can predict what's going to happen in certain places, but that's the trap, loads of heart-in-mouth moments and just a generally disturbing and creepy game. The only game I've ever played where you wanted to play it soo much, but really really didn't want to play it at the same time, a masterpiece. My number one most terrifying game ever.
  4. Mickgr


    Sorry guys, won't be entering this compo this time, or many others for a while. I am nursing a broken hand. Always seems to happen this, last time I picked up the drawing thing I sliced my hand open at work, now this time my right hand is fooked. Some arse-wipe slammed a phone box door on me hand while I was talking to mates after a night out. Guessing a few weeks afore a pick up the pencils again. :(
  5. Mickgr

    Art Contest Voting!

    Waheeey!! that's great. Thanks to all the voters, and the other artists, some really good work produced for this one. Can't wait for the next one. ;) Mick.
  6. Mickgr

    Art Contest Voting!

    lol, I had no idea this topic was here. I've been checking the fan fics/fan pics everyday to see how the voting was going only to find no updates (my first competition...you understand). Only just checked this forum out of curiosity. BTW, really appreciate the votes I've been getting, much appreciated. Mick.
  7. Mickgr

    ART CONTEST # 6 (Yee haw)

    Make sure it's before wednesday then, deadline and all ;)
  8. Mickgr

    ART CONTEST # 6 (Yee haw)

    My work in progress thus far. For those that haven't guessed, it's a dog, sporting a skinned type of head with veins and the like popping out everywhere. I've still got a fair bit to do to it, but it should be ready for the deadline. Mick ;) http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/5738367/
  9. Mickgr

    ART CONTEST # 6 (Yee haw)

    When's the deadline for this here compy?
  10. Mickgr

    one DOOMED space marine....

    lol, what can I say...they stole his clothes....and his guns. ;)
  11. Title says it all. Mick. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/5613117/
  12. Mickgr


    Finally got round to doing some more doom stuff, alas, it's only a little and I didn't spend a lot of time on them....but they are complete none the less. Enjoy. Mick. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/5613155/
  13. Mickgr

    Pink Demon

    I went and did a little research after viewing the 'Balrog' comments and to be honest, I don't think it does look like it(not that it was the intention anyway). The horns of the Balrog are totally different, much tighter to the head and curlier, also the eys are smaller and closer together (like a humans)and the snout is very pronounced. I can see where you are coming from from however, the faces do sport the same features....just in different proportions and layout.
  14. Mickgr

    quake ogre 2 1/2 " bust

    Yeah, a kiln is used to fire clay, setting it in a permanent fixed position. They get up to around 1000 degrees I think. However (I may be wrong here) I think shapless may be using a different kind of clay here, modellers clay which I myself have used. If it's the same stuff it's kind of maleable, but much, much tougher to work than normal potting clay, but the benefits are that it doesn't need to be fired as it is soo tough.
  15. Mickgr

    Pink Demon mini-sculpt

    Dude!! put your image up from planetdoom.com, it looks soo much better in that picture, the pose, the light, the face (which looks class by the way). I'm sure you'll get a lot more praise from that image. Mick.