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  1. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    Pirate Doom II (finished!)

    This was a pleasure to play and surprise out of nowhere. Pirate Doom is probably my favorite mod of all time and happy to say this eclipsed it. Thank you for this Darch!
  2. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    Laz Rojas - an old Doomer in trouble.

    I've followed Laz for quite sometime and have enjoyed his WolfenDoom content immensely. They were some of the first maps I ever downloaded for Doom. Hearing his story and the absolute atrocity the City of LA put him through is awful. Having lived there for quite some time, I can definitely say he will have no shortage lawyers who would take this case pro bono if what he describes is true. LA probably has the most lawyers per capita of any city in the US, and I have no doubt in my mind he will be able to find one to take his case. Best of luck to you Laz you will get through this and brighter days are ahead.
  3. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    What Did Yall Think About The New Predator Movie?

    It was ok. I think the Predator franchise is in a much better state in the moment than the Terminator franchise has been in years. That being said, it still suffers from taking itself way too seriously. Movies/remakes really just fail to capture the 80s cheesiness of their original versions, everything has to be so gritty and realistic. Definitely a step up from The Predator, which was an absolute dumpster fire of a movie.
  4. For anyone who has read A Clockwork Orange or seen the 1971 Kubrick film (both I highly recommend), protagonist Alex and his "droogs" constantly engage in what he consistently refers to as "a bit of the ultra-violence," which can best be defined as excessive or even over the top levels of brutality directed at other people. For Alex, these include but are not limited to savagely beating and robbing a drunk, knocking over a convenience store and beating the owner's wife with a crowbar, stealing a car and proceeding to run over numerous people on the road while driving, and finally breaking into a home and beating a man to near death and gang raping his wife. And these are in just the first few chapters/opening minutes of the book/film. With that being said, author Anthony Burgess, to the best of my knowledge, certainly coined this term back in 1962 with the publication of the novel, and I cannot find any instance of the term being used before it. Now when it comes to Doom, obviously one of the most well-recognized difficulty levels is of course Ultra-Violence, being the hardest difficulty just below Nightmare. Were the Id developers fans of the novel/film and decided to use the term as a homage, or did they simply think it sounded cool and decided to use it anyway? I lean more towards my latter assumption, however having watched countless videos of interviews with Romero, Carmack, and the others at Id during the time and knowing the culture of Id as described in Jared Kushner's Masters of Doom, I feel confident in assuming Clockwork Orange would have definitely been a film the Id guys would have watched and perhaps/perhaps not pulled inspiration from, but most certainly the term Ultra-Violence. I'm curious to see if anyone can corroborate this or anyone else's thoughts on it.
  5. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    What did you think of Masters of Doom?

    The exploration of Carmack and Romero's relationship was a very intriguing read, and seeing their interpersonal dilemmas when it came down to engine vs. design was always at the forefront of their differences during their time at Id, and I thought Kushner was wise to take that approach to the formation of Id and Romero's eventual departure after the development of Quake. It was also very cool to see the key beginnings of Romero's game, Daikatana, and be able to see the drama and little things that went on at Id during the early to late 90s. I'm curious to see who has read MOD, and what did you think?
  6. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    [RELEASED!] The Bikini Bottom Massacre

    Great Wad! Just finished it. You really nailed the feel of the show and it definitely shows through. Biggest hurdle was definitely the lack of ammo in some maps, especially Jellyfish Fields and Rock Bottom. Was completely out on both and had to resort to cheats on those (and the Spongebob nightmare portion of the level with the damaging floor needed a rad suit or 2). Later levels were great downtown Bikini Bottom was def my fav level of the wad and lots of hp and ammo there. Looks like you dropped a 1.1 version so I bet some of this has already been rebalanced but fantastic job felt like I played through a very dark Spongebob episode. Edit: Also the absolute nightmare fuel that was the revenant sound replacement was great
  7. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Gameplay wise Doom 2 is a masterpiece. Super shotty, addition of the rest of the demons and the rest of the powerups to round out the Doom we know now is excellent. Level-wise is a different story. Both secret levels are excellent as is the Living End, the Inmost Dens, Gotcha! and a few others, but by and large I feel like the levels are super dull especially towards the end compared to Doom 1.
  8. Doubtful with the current copyright in Disney's hands. Does Bethesda Doom even have any Tc's at the moment? I haven't checked. Pirate Doom would be a great addition
  9. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    Has anyone made a WAD where you visit planets?

    Leave your Sol Behind from Ancient Aliens is the only one that comes to mind. Legendary level
  10. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    https://www.youtube.com/c/WhiteHouse I think its undoubtedly to do with our Commander In Chief's less than stellar videos getting absolutely ratioed with dislikes on almost every video that's uploaded from the White House. Also if you go onto any mainstream News Network's channel, a similar pattern can be seen. Call it coincidence with the timing, but I think Youtube's decision is mainly to protect a narrative as they themselves stated that the video creator can still view the likes and dislikes. If their true aim was to eliminate harassment, they would've not allowed the creator to see any of the dislikes, yet that factor is still in which makes me think shenanigans are in play.
  11. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    Were old creepypasta's just built different?

    Ben Drowned and the Haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge still is the best creepypasta imo i ever read, even though the hacked cartridge turned out to be faked, the hype and mystery surrounding the story was really well done
  12. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    What do you think of Doom 3?

    I like Doom 3 but the shotgun is abysmal and the camera wobble from getting hit is literally headache inducing
  13. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    EDay 2019 Vanilla - A GZ/LZ/ZDoom2.8/Zand

    Love Extermination Day feel like people don't talk about it enough. Definitely plays like a precursor to what we saw in Doom 2016 and Eternal. Will give this a shot
  14. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    Are you vaccinated against COVID 19?

    Just curious to see how many of you here are vaccinated.
  15. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    What are some good adveture or puzzle based wads?

    Can't go wrong with Epic and Epic 2 both are excellent adventure wads. 1 can be beaten in just one session as well highly recommend