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  1. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    What do you think of Doom 2?

    Gameplay wise Doom 2 is a masterpiece. Super shotty, addition of the rest of the demons and the rest of the powerups to round out the Doom we know now is excellent. Level-wise is a different story. Both secret levels are excellent as is the Living End, the Inmost Dens, Gotcha! and a few others, but by and large I feel like the levels are super dull especially towards the end compared to Doom 1.
  2. Doubtful with the current copyright in Disney's hands. Does Bethesda Doom even have any Tc's at the moment? I haven't checked. Pirate Doom would be a great addition
  3. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    Has anyone made a WAD where you visit planets?

    Leave your Sol Behind from Ancient Aliens is the only one that comes to mind. Legendary level
  4. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    https://www.youtube.com/c/WhiteHouse I think its undoubtedly to do with our Commander In Chief's less than stellar videos getting absolutely ratioed with dislikes on almost every video that's uploaded from the White House. Also if you go onto any mainstream News Network's channel, a similar pattern can be seen. Call it coincidence with the timing, but I think Youtube's decision is mainly to protect a narrative as they themselves stated that the video creator can still view the likes and dislikes. If their true aim was to eliminate harassment, they would've not allowed the creator to see any of the dislikes, yet that factor is still in which makes me think shenanigans are in play.
  5. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    Were old creepypasta's just built different?

    Ben Drowned and the Haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge still is the best creepypasta imo i ever read, even though the hacked cartridge turned out to be faked, the hype and mystery surrounding the story was really well done
  6. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    What do you think of Doom 3?

    I like Doom 3 but the shotgun is abysmal and the camera wobble from getting hit is literally headache inducing
  7. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    EDay 2019 Vanilla- A GZ/LZ/ZDoom2.8/Zand singleplayer megawad

    Love Extermination Day feel like people don't talk about it enough. Definitely plays like a precursor to what we saw in Doom 2016 and Eternal. Will give this a shot
  8. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    Are you vaccinated against COVID 19?

    Just curious to see how many of you here are vaccinated.
  9. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    What are some good adveture or puzzle based wads?

    Can't go wrong with Epic and Epic 2 both are excellent adventure wads. 1 can be beaten in just one session as well highly recommend
  10. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    All About Secret Maps

    Apologies for being off topic, but @MtPain27 I hope you eventually do a video on Doom 2 the Way id Did, and get to experience Vorticon and Well of Wishes, imo the best secret maps I've seen in a WAD yet.
  11. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    Are there any WADs based off bad/cheesy movies?

    Action Doom is probably your best bet
  12. The last bit of Id software (to me) died in 2013 when John Carmack left to work on Oculus. To me, Id software isn't even close to the standard to how it was 20 years ago when Romero and Carmack ran the show. 2016 was ok, but Eternal has taken the series in a pretty radical direction from where the originals first started out. The amount of lore and codex pages in Eternal truly border on the insane. I've played fantasy RPG's with not even half the lore that Eternal has. And the platforming. And the crucible and hammer being a shitty charge/chainsaw replacement. I'm sorry but if you are as big a fan of old school Doom here as I know most of Doomworld is, I don't know how you can defend Id and Hugo Martin for Eternal, especially after the colossal disappointment TAG2 was. Tldr: Hugo Martin will never be in the same hemisphere as Romero and Carmack were when it comes to designing Doom games.
  13. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    I wonder about the "future" plans/post mortem state of the game

    I've done enough shitting on Eternal and my distaste for it, so I will try to be positive about it here. I hope Invasion is eventually put in, but I honestly doubt it the more time goes by. As for modding, I doubt Id will release any tools and we'd be lucky to even get the snapmap feature back from D2016. Id is much more corporate now with Bethesda as their umbrella, and I honestly believe in 2021 most game devs will not/cannot release their source code for any such games going foward.
  14. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    should i beat wolfnestein 3d?

    Wolf 3D is a great game as is SOD, but man is the level design rough. Going from Doom to the maze like levels of every map of Wolf takes some getting used to for sure, but nonetheless would def reccomend.
  15. Tony_Danza_the_boss

    DE makes me so unreasonably mad [rant]

    The fact that Eternal's level of lore is this inconsistent, on top of how convoluted it is, is baffling to me. Where the original Doom had nearly no plot at all and Doom 2016 got away with minimal yet simple consistent plot elements of Hell, Mars, the UAC and killing Demons, Eternal decides to write an entire codex book on the backstory of Eternal and even the fucking events that happened between D2016 and Eternal. And then like OP mentioned, after you spend a solid hour of reading page after page of codex entries and you finally begin to piece together exactly what the lore is, TAG2 comes out and completely shits all over the convoluted lore with even more convoluted lore. Id Software what happened to you where story was even supposed to matter in a Doom game? The lore is just utter nonsense and I hope the next Doom game is a complete reboot because this story has been atrocious.