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  1. A quick single map WAD I've been working on for 6 months. Should take about 5 minutes to play. Requirements: IWAD: Doom 2 SourcePort: GZDoom (GZdoom Compatablity) Difficulty: Ultra Violence/Nightmare (Haven't finshed any below) Dynamic Lighting (Most of the lighting is done with this) Gameplay: Freelook Optional Ishreal.7z
  2. That_Gay_Kid

    Ishreal V4 - Currently Indevelopment

    It does need GZDoom for ACS and other features. Although this map makes minimal usage of it the next map that's still in development relies on it. So it's easier to make a single GZDoom based WAD then port it down the line after the project is finshed and I'm adding additional touches.
  3. Ishreal is currently indevelopement. So far I've brought MAP01 Up a level of polish I feel acceptable for people to enjoy. Requirements: GZDoom Doom 2 Intended Play: Dynamic Lighting Mouselook (Playable with or without, use your personnal preference) Download Screenshots: Hope you enjoy. :)
  4. That_Gay_Kid

    Run different maps depending on sourceport?

    Thanks, I'll probably do that.
  5. That_Gay_Kid

    The Gentleman's Doom recording.

    Been working on this for a while, would be cool to see someone play it. Requirements: Doom2 GZDoom Link:Google Drive
  6. I was working on a map when I noticed that if I changed which Game configuartion it showed different maps (Leftovers from changing format) I was wondering if it is possible to automaticly run a different map depending on the sourceport used. This was I could make a main version and a Non-GZDoom version that would run based on compatibility.
  7. This is version 3 of the first map Ishreal. (Other Maps in development) Requirements: Doom 2 GZDOOM (Haven't tested with other source ports.) Based On DOOM 2 3.2.0: Download Changelog: 3.1.0: Fixed minor bugs 3.2.0: Added a custom soundtrack based on midi compisitions of the Yu Gi Oh soundtrack Added a MAPINFO file. Minor Balance issues Minor Fixes
  8. A laid-back singleplayer WAD intended to played in GZDoom with Doom(strict) compatibility (Other sourcesports have some errors) Download Hope you enjoy.
  9. That_Gay_Kid

    My First Map - Ishreal

    A Doom 1 WAD with a simple design Designed to played with GZdoom and played with vanilla settings Download The mapname is E1M1 Have Fun.