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  1. Spowmtom

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    I downloaded the "dangerous" binaries from the autobuilds, which are on an unsecured page. Some shenanigans may have taken place here. Sadly, your binaries probably aren't signed, since I can't seem to find your public GPG signature anywhere. Maybe if you signed them and made your public key public, we could know if some ill intended intermission is the cause of this.
  2. Feeding the feed.

  3. The video game industry is retarded compared to the rest of the software world. Almost every other software industry has made meaningful progress as to produce free software[1] . If you're wondering why, take a look at the code of Suckless' DWM (A window manager for GNU/Linux). It's clean, mostly bug free and competently made. But then take a look at one game that released its source code recently, VVVVVV. It's down right terrible. This is the main reason why most game developers don't release their source code, they're incompetent. Go ask any developer out there why they don't release their code under a public license. You will get answers along the lines of "I don't want to give my game away for free", "I don't want people to abuse bugs or discover secrets" and "It's bad for me, it will make the competition stronger", which is straight up ignorance. You can't run a game without the graphics, sounds, maps, etc. And it is morally acceptable to keep those copyrighted. Try to compile Doom without an IWAD. Haha, good luck. People will discover your secrets very early no matter what, just go on the web. No matter if the source code is public, if someone wants spoilers, he can get them. And if someone doesn't, they won't look for it. And Red Hat is worth 34 billion dollars and all the software that they work with is open source, and they were beneficial to the software industry by releasing their technological prowess for free. Free code means that you can take it for free and (depending on the license) must give it away for free. You can get great code, you don't lose anything and it strengthens the industry that you're making a living out of. But no. Game developers think this is nonsense and will start insulting you for thinking otherwise. Game developers don't release their source code because of ignorance and incompetence. Shameful. Footnote: 1.
  4. Spowmtom

    Sam's Map Pack, my wip first wad

    I played the two first maps and there are some great elements and some ugly ones. Map 1: The Pros: You really understood what makes a great map layout and I think this is your strongest point. If all the aspects of your wad were on the same level as your layout, it would be an amazing wad. The secret of the dead body was nice. The Mancubus room was amazing. Great use of all the enemy types, especially the Mancubus. I used him to attack the enemies and circle strafed around him, which gave me a mental representation of the map. More of those type of rooms, please! The Cons: Be more strict about texture alignment! You got some severe cases of bad alignment. I recommend using separators, like we can see in the original Dooms. Missing textures! Use the "find error" option in Doom Builder to find issues (it's the blue check mark icon in the toolbar). Everything looks very empty and way too big. This is by far the worst part of your maps, you *need* to fill space. This is top priority to fix. Think of the texture size when creating the environment! I had no way of knowing that the pillar in the dark torture room was a secret. It would have forced me to wall hump everything, which simply isn't fun. Do more like the first secret! It would be more fun and interesting to have the ammo dispersed all around the map rather than have only very few big ammo pickups. Map 2: The Pros: Still great map layout. The big gate with the bridge looks stunning. I just wished you added more things, like a more detailed cliff with stalagmites or something. Tiny "exit" is laughable. The Cons: The big specter room takes too much time to do. You also already used the idea, which makes that room dull and dreadful. Not enough variety in the textures. Not enough visual landmarks, unlike in the first map. Please add a way to get out of the waste pit. Tiny "exit" is laughable. More ammo! Even though I wasn't missing any of my shots and was even varying weapons, I still found myself dry on ammo. Removes "spikes" of ammo and add a bit of ammo everywhere. Nice idea, the broken bridge. Overall, I see a lot of potential and I'm looking forward more of your stuff. Try to give the Map Tips a read. Your biggest problem, in my opinion, is the lack of stuff, everything is huge and empty. Go onward :]
  5. Spowmtom

    My First Map - Wrong Mistake

    Thank you a lot for having played the map. As it is my first map (and any piece of content regarding video games), I did a lot of mistakes and learned a great deal. I think I went a little too crazy on the ideas and I should try to develop simpler, more concise ideas and master that. The layout is, in my opinion, the biggest problem there. It's linear and doesn't do Doom justice at all, I'll try to get a deeper and more complex map layout a run with hubs, mini-hubs, dead-ends and connections between all of those. Better is coming!
  6. Spowmtom

    My first map: Moving Parts!

    I'm looking forward for more of your stuff, but overall, I didn't enjoy it that much. I suggest reading Tips for creating good WADs ,as well as playing and studying a lot of Doom wads, good and bad. Withing a couple of days, my maps went from rudimental cubes to a somewhat good standalone map. Keep ongoing :]