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  1. kassianoaguiar

    Fire Push Me

    thank very much!
  2. kassianoaguiar

    Fire Push Me

    How can I make the bazooka gun, when I shoot, push me back? (by putting an "Action function" in the following sprite): Fire: BAZO E 0 A_"............." Goto Ready
  3. kassianoaguiar


    It's like this friend: I'm Brazilian and I want text for my doom stories during the game, in short, translated. for example: "Durante a travessia da lava de fogo através da ponte. você estará perto do portão principal." The words: "através" - "estará" - "portão". When typing these words into MAPINFO and then running the game, the words will come out weird like this: "atrav´s" - "estar~" - "port$o". I don't want that... Is it possible to write in Portuguese and leave the game with the correct words without a problem???
  4. kassianoaguiar


    About writing text in "ClusterDef" of MAPINFO. What are the characters to write as for example: Ã = ? Ç = ? Ô = ? É = ? Ì = ? is there a character table?
  5. kassianoaguiar

    Monsters open doors

    Thank you very much, it worked perfect!!!
  6. kassianoaguiar

    Monsters open doors

    I already did that! But the problem is that all monsters are 10% likely to PASS THROUGH THE GATE AND CHASE ME ... Is there any way to increase the chances of going through the door besides chasing me and also searching rooms?
  7. kassianoaguiar

    Monsters open doors

    I made the doors open horizontally like the wolfeistein using the mirror anchor. But the monsters can't open it because in hexen or doom it doesn't allow it. IF there is an ACS / hexen script so that monsters are likely to open the door in order to follow me, HOW WOULD IT BE WRITTEN?
  8. kassianoaguiar

    flag for ceiling spines

    Which flag do I put on the decorate so that the spines go down and up with the shredder? in the 3 figures that I sent, you will see that the thorns DO NOT RUN UP AND RUN DOWN randomly
  9. kassianoaguiar


    how do I get the door to open and then close but being on the left right?
  10. kassianoaguiar

    Spear damage

    I found! ACTOR SPEAR 655 { //$Category "Obstacle" Radius 22 Height 30 Damage 1 States { Spawn: SPEA A 1 Bright A_Chase SPEA B 1 Bright A_explode (100000, 26) Loop } } I put many things grouped in a single room and the player summarily killed himself. great
  11. kassianoaguiar

    Spear damage

    What to write in decorate so that a spear, which I created in a sprite, touches the player and is quickly killed? (the trap spines in sonic for example)
  12. kassianoaguiar

    Doom 2 final credits

    Can any of you two send me the decorate ready to run? you can take that image that I sent and edit it. I already did it anyway and I couldn't.
  13. kassianoaguiar

    Doom 2 final credits

    I found! but what I mean is that I simplified "endgameC" by the script in the following image ... note: what should I do or where to write the script for placing new monsters?
  14. kassianoaguiar

    Doom 2 final credits

    What is missing in "MAPINFO" so that doom 2 has its final animated credits? If you know, describe the script because I want to put new drawings ...
  15. kassianoaguiar

    Turn off monster rotation

    The sprites are spinning, but I want them not to spin anymore ... like a "Y" BILLBOARD effect where the monster stops looking at me and turns a wall (using GzDoom Builder pressing "g" will see imp looking from above and it turns wall ... this is how I want! It but being on the sides)