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  1. if you need anyone to chip in for commissioning new sprites, let us know. i'd be happy to do it, personally, since i've gotten a lot out of it over the past several years. though i personally like the sprites fine the way they are (but i'm averse to change of any kind).
  2. i do the same with the grenadiers! it's great. the zombiemen that shoot two grenades at me in this run are the only thing that really catches me off guard, it really spices things up. and i haven't had the chance to do this with proper grenadiers yet, but it's very satisfying when i manage to trick the zombiemen to blow themselves up with their own grenades. and, i assumed (without thinking too much about it) that the wicked would replace some of the imps, but i can see how suddenly having flying imps might be an issue for people who want to maintain the integrity of the maps.
  3. so, i usually play on HMP, but i finally tried UV-randomized to check out the SC-specific enemies, and i have to say, i really love them! the grenadier is especially great with corruption cards, since, e.g., in my current playthrough of doom 2, i've picked a card that lets zombiemen shoot grenadier projectiles, which both spices things up and creates all sorts of infighting/explosion situations if they're in a group with other enemies farther away. so now i find myself wishing randomization was available for all difficulty levels. since doom 2 i'm already well familiar with, but if i try to play a modern mapset, UV is usually too stressful. but hey, even if that's never added, i can always just resurrect if i really get in a bind. the wicked seems really fun too, btw, can't wait for it to actually get introduced in UV-randomized.
  4. Oh, huh! Well, it's cool to know why it's actually happening, at least. I'll know to look out for this if I encounter it in different wads.
  5. Hi. Kinda weird, but apparently Supercharge breaks a specific trap in Doom 2's map13. I'm attaching a screenshot of where it is on the map. To reproduce, start a new game, go to map13 via the console, enter that building, kill the cacodemon and step on the platform with the rocket launcher. The pinkies that are inside an inaccessible part of the building should now teleport in, but they don't.
  6. fwiw this is very common but i personally love it.
  7. can't wait to try this once i'm no longer dedicating all my gaming time to spelunky 2!
  8. hi. i'm looking for a mod that would allow you to despawn specific enemies or corpses. something that would function like a hitscan weapon, except instead of firing a bullet, it would despawn whatever it would have "hit". i've tried searching for such a thing, both here and in general, but nothing came up, at least nothing that was related to specific enemies, as opposed to all corpses in a map. i assume it should be technically possible, since there appear to be mods with destructible corpses, such as this: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=59260&sid=361bac0a731ffc38ae7563b6821b1f60
  9. oh, another minor thing, actually: even with wads that are ostensibly compatible with Supercharge, there are sometimes small issues with the textures, especially when they're segmented. this is an example from map 19 of Akeldama: but there are several others. if this is something you have any interest in fixing, i can be on the lookout for them and make a proper list.
  10. i've been playing everything with this since february or so, and it's just amazing. it totally changed the feeling of the game for me, i can't imagine playing without it at this point. i bailed on several wads (Struggle - Antaresian Legacy and Maskim Xul, to name a few) because they were thoroughly incompatible with it. a few notes: i find the bouncing of the revenant skull excessive. i'd change the number of bounces to two or three. it's especially intrusive when it bounces in liquid. i wish there was a way to configure the blood decals in some way, make them smaller, more transparent or otherwise less obtrusive, because i've found myself several times in situations where they completely cover up a switch or something else important on the wall behind the monster that i've shot. i'm not sure about this, but it seems like the arachnotron projectiles are wider than they are in vanilla doom. i've been in several situations where the design of the map would suggest that an arachnotron should have a clean line of fire to me, but its projectiles were blocked by low walls. this doesn't really bother me since i hate arachnotrons and don't mind cheesing them, but i just thought i'd point it out. also, the new dynamic lights for torches feel too strong to me: i can usually see them from the other side of a thin wall. lastly, this may be some gzdoom thing you can't really do anything about, but the pistol seems to fire slightly lower of where the crosshair actually appears (see attached image). these are all pretty minor, though, and like i said, i'm enjoying the mod immensely. keep up the good work.
  11. Darnn

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    i'm really enjoying this so far! although some of the secrets are frustrating, as i can't figure out a way of getting to them even if i know where they are (the megasphere in E1M6, the area outside the red key room in E1M2). anyway, i'm in E1M7 now, and if you stand here and start firing before you get the yellow key, enemies from behind the yellow door will open it for you. edit: sorry, turns out i was actually still playing your standalone kditd episode, looks like this is fixed in the version in this thread.