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  1. dalymoreso

    Give me some feedback

    I want to know weapon damage in doom eternal. Previous doom(2016), measured weapon damage with pillars of spider mind but in eternal there is no such pillars so. I want to measure weapon damage with gladiator or icon of sin armor Stop the time using console command. then experiment. Is it ok?
  2. dalymoreso

    Who can get this secret?

    i all finished game. all secret is get(even fortress).
  3. dalymoreso

    Who can get this secret?

    That is secret mark. is not in fortress.
  4. dalymoreso

    Who can get this secret?

    Thanks for the answers. but That secret mark is not in the fortress. I Walked outside the fortress with the console command(NOCLIP). That secret mark is behind Classic Doom guy skin outside fortress
  5. dalymoreso

    Who can get this secret?

    I found this secret while walking the fortress of doom(Noclip). The location is behind the classic Doom Guy skin. I can't get secrets and also, The black box at the bottom is the place when we see the monster information with the doll.