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  1. So I just beat Doom Eternal on Ultra Violence. Yes, it was very hard. And Yes, my first few Marauder fights took more than a few Replays (and a few walk away from the PC moments). I've seen lots of complaints on here about Platforming, Ammo, Marauders, etc. But what I haven't heard people talking about are the Extra Lifes. I actually think the idea behind them is solid. It gives you a chance to keep going during a really hard fight. The problem is, I don't think they are implemented well. I think my biggest issue with them is that they are automatically used. I mean, the number of times I make a stupid mistake in a small battle and die, only to have my extra life used immediately is frustrating. I really didn't want to use it because of a moronic mistake. I want to save them. I've lost some lives in really embarassing ways only to have none when a Marauder fight comes up. This could easily be remedied by giving a choice when you die whether you want to use your extra life or return to a checkpoint. That way you can stock pile some saves for the really bad fights. I mean, there was one fight on the last level (not the boss fight) that was so hard, all I wanted was an extra life or two. But no, the game auto used them during some previous fights I would have rather just redone. That means the hardest fight in the game I did with no extra lives. What are your guys thoughts? I mean sure, since I was doing most of the hardest fights without extra lives, it could easily be argued that they should just be removed from the game. And to a degree, I do agree with that. Since I did most of the hard battles without extra lives, I could have easily gone the whole game without them. But my point is, if they have them in the game, It would be nice if they made them more useful?