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Everything posted by bobbyfish

  1. The only bots you need to worry about on reddit are it’s users
  2. I don’t get why they would outsource it if he did such a good job with 2016. edit: it’s also a sequel to a hit so wouldn’t they have more resources? Again, don’t get why they would take away focus from one of the most praised aspects of 2016.
  3. bobbyfish

    Devs React to 27 Minute Speedrun

    Yeah sarcasm doesn’t translate to text very well... sorry for misinterpreting!
  4. bobbyfish

    Viewmodel fov?

    Transparent models could work. Still get to see the cool gun designs and animation and the whole screen
  5. bobbyfish

    Devs React to 27 Minute Speedrun

    It sounds like they were just having fun...
  6. bobbyfish

    Plot holes

    I think it says in some codex entries in 2016 that demons breed(summoner/imp, spectre) but in eternal you see where soulless human husks transform transform into demons In nekrevol. Do they breed, are they all transformed humans, or both?
  7. bobbyfish

    Ludicrous Levels of Optimization

    Playing the game on the crappiest oldest ps4 and frames rarely drop but there is a bit of texture compression. Still looks great. Sorry if this was pc only I just think it’s cool how well optimized it is for all platforms.
  8. bobbyfish

    Viewmodel fov?

    At a point his arms and gun probably just stop. then you just have floating guns shooting and floating arms killing demons.
  9. bobbyfish

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    I’m just saying I think there won’t be a doom 6. I’m Sorry you’re right
  10. bobbyfish

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    This whole doom eternal as a service with a battle pass and heavily emphasized multiplayer gives me the impression this the last one for at least a while.
  11. bobbyfish

    Favorite sound in the the original Doom games?

    Ssg reload and the pinky death sound.
  12. bobbyfish

    Favorite DOOM game?

    DooM(2016) because it got me and a lot of others into classic DooM. DooM 2 is a very close second.
  13. Yes but it’s still fun to act like Mario in episode 1. Boing boing yahoo!