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  1. Flytrap

    Stuttering in all DOOM source ports tested

    I um... Do you actually 'see' the screen tearing at those hundreds of frames, because im sure they theoretically exist but i dont think you should be worrying about them if you cant see them. Why limit the framerate to get it to be smooth, when you could just uncap it and not hold the graphics back? It'd still be just as smooth, if not smoother. Also, im not sure what that guide is trying to achieve, but its clearly not working for source ports, so i suggest you uncap your framerates, turn v-sync off, and not worry about these things.
  2. I am aware that going down is popular. However, unlike the other top 15-20, it doesnt come up in talks as often as them. The only time its mentioned is when either Cyriak or the wad itself gets brought up. It never comes up for any other reason, like the other popular wads. I know going down is popular, but what do you want from me, i like it, therefore im giving it points. Buzz off. Also, dont start fights. We both know you wouldnt get punished because you're a regular, and im not, but thats not an excuse for you to start fights, just because it wont harm you.
  3. Flytrap

    What do you think of midnight

    I dont know him, so i am not going to talk about his character, but i really cant stand his videos. They are low quality filler garbage.
  4. Flytrap

    Stuttering in all DOOM source ports tested

    Its probably because of your video settings. To boot, some games dont like having their frames capped. Not sure if the source ports are like that, but it works like this for some other games Second, v-sync is expecting full framerate, and you capped it below that. The two probably shouldnt be active at the same time. They are probably working against each other, resulting in this weirdness. You could download intel presentmon and check gpubusy, maybe it'd help figure this out, dunno Why do you need these strange settings anyway? G-sync i get, framecapping, sure, but why 3 FPS under refresh rate? And why v-sync on top of this entire thing?
  5. Instead of editing an already existing list that is the cornerstone of our community, why not create a new list in a couple years as a sequel?
  6. Flytrap

    What do IWAD's provide for source engines?

    Ah. Good to know Thanks
  7. Flytrap

    What do IWAD's provide for source engines?

    Okay, thats really funny Whats PAYPAL in the context of DOOM? GZDoom doesnt recognize it as an iwad, at all.
  8. For example, one of my favourite things related to doom ever, is a total conversion called HocusDoom (because the game its based on is one of my childhood favourites), and it requires doom2.wad to play, even though it uses literally none of the enemies, weapons, levels, or even sprites. So, why is doom2 needed then? Chex Quest is in a rather similar situation and thats an IWAD by itself, so whats the difference behind the curtains when both of these are using custom everything and yet only one is a standalone thing
  9. Aw shucks. I should have given doom 64 a point, its really cool, and i like it immensely brb
  10. Bugs. Those were bugs and people making videos about these are acting like those are intentional. I dont mind them pretending for fun these were intentionally super hard secrets, but it leads to this which is why im not a fan of people doing that
  11. Flytrap

    How to recover data from a hard drive?

    Geez. Functional design is a lost art nowadays
  12. Flytrap

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Yea, this. I didnt like battlemode either, or some of the changes doom eternal made, but Noxi is right. If they stop taking gambles then we'll be stuck with boring crap again. The only way to find good things sometimes is to keep taking chances. Not everything can be a winner and not taking chances will lead to complacency and the flattening of artistic merit.
  13. Flytrap

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Sometimes, dead is better. I'd much rather not see anything to do with a franchise i love than to see it burn a second time. Once was enough as is.
  14. Flytrap

    How to recover data from a hard drive?

    Wait which computer requires touching LCD screens to get a drive out? Laptops dont have hard drives anymore, and the ones that did are probably old enough that they are easy to take apart Is this some kinda expensive ROG motherboard thing my poor ass is not aware of?
  15. TempleOS is a technical marvel and feat of engineering, even if its unusable for everyday purposes.

    Also, dont talk about mentally ill, OR the dead like that. You arent talking about thatcher ffs

    1. Mr Masker

      Mr Masker


      Also, don't talk about mentally ill, OR the dead like that. You aren't talking about thatcher ffs

      When did that happen? He just brought up Temple OS, he didn't even say anything about Terry...

    2. Redneckerz


      @Flytrap I didn't speak negatively about Terry. I brought him up as an example of what one could achieve if you have a strong inkling to create your dream.


      Terry Davis is pretty much the standard on that concept. So sorry not sorry for you attributing negativity to my post.

    3. Flytrap


      I interpreted it as you mocking him for making something wacky useless and crazy. Of course templeos is like that, but also so much more than just that

      I'm Sorry