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  1. Core

    Future Project Assistance

    In that case; I would say the main issue I need help with is a step-by-step on how to make a switch control a stair gradient while also changing the texture of the top of the steps (floor texture). That way it seems that the stairs are rising out of water. I had looked into this but had difficulty finding an answer.
  2. Core

    Future Project Assistance

    This was more so to acquire a helping hand so that I could one day have something worthy of showing. I more or less know what's wrong with the levels already. It would just take me much longer to troubleshoot some of the problems compared to another; unless it's recommended to provide the wad prior to anything else.
  3. Core

    Future Project Assistance

    Here's an example of the first map for those curious.
  4. I understand this question surfaces quite often on this forum. I am in the process of creating a MegaWad, but it is still in its early phases. So far, I think I've made some really enjoyable levels that are well balanced; interesting enemy placement, the occasional puzzle, story elements, more difficult then easy but do-able, new enemy ideas. I can get maps to around 90 to 95 percent complete, but need that helping hand to assist with the remaining details of a level (play test, offer their artistic wisdom, finish programming work like improving on an ambush). Where should I go to get help with the above? I feel the more I can plan beforehand; the better. Is there an area of this site better suited for this topic, or is this one ideal? (Doom 2 resources (some custom tetures)/tested using ZDoom in UDMF format/planning on 28 levels, but that number is still changing/working title).