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  1. Yes. I mostly like thrash, black and doom (the metal subgenre). I don't like the metal soundtracks from most FPS games though, surprisingly.
  2. Midnight_00

    I've Never Beaten Wolfenstein 3D.

    I've completed the six original episodes and Spear of Destiny on Death Incarnate. Barely touched the Nocturnal Missions. The closer you are to enemies the more damage you do to them, and they do to you. You can take advantage of that to kill enemies quicker and save ammo, but I'd keep your distance when engaging officers and mutants if you can because they fire very quickly (instantly in the case of mutants). You can save ammo by using the knife on dogs and lone guards or SS (more risky). You can camp in front of doors and kill enemies as they walk through in a line. That strategy loses effectiveness as the levels become more intricate though (not to mention having more officers and mutants).
  3. Midnight_00

    The Master Levels, a cash grab?

    Yeah, but at least most of the levels are good. Does anyone actually know how much it cost at the time?
  4. I don't think you're wrong to compare them. Maybe not all slaughter maps are difficult but the comparison still comes naturally. I don't really play Kaizo hacks, but I've seen some playthroughs of them and they're clearly far less forgiving.
  5. Midnight_00

    Choosing Only 5 wads to Play Forever

    If you just get Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Final Doom, the Master Levels (which I actually like unlike most people) and the BFG Edition IWADs then that would already be pretty good on its own. As for the other choices, Scythe 2 - Since it's my favourite, and still the WAD I have the most fun playing. Sunlust - Or something else in the same category like Abandon, by which I mean WADs beyond my skill level which would give me something to practice on. Lost Civilization - Plenty of experiences to be had with this. Community Chest 4 - I like the variety you get out of community projects like these, and CC4 is probably the most consistently high quality I've played so far. Return to Hadron - I like to have a break from the Doom II stuff every now and then, and this is another one I can always go back to just because of the fun factor. Now I wonder if you also get Doom Builder or another editor.
  6. Midnight_00

    Going Through The Serious Sam Games Again

    I played The First Encounter and I was quite impressed by the enemy placement. It was a pretty challenging game too. The enemies spawn far from you, but I still found them threatening, either because they advance on you rapidly in large numbers, or they can threaten you considerably from a distance (like the enemies with homing magic, don't know their names). The problem is definitely the pacing and the environments in general.
  7. Midnight_00

    Boomer Shooters, Half-Life 1, and Halo: CE

    The design of the original Halo is a bit of an outlier among more modern shooters because it isn't that scripted and is fairly open ended. Unfortunately it does still periodically force you to stand around and wait until you're allowed to move on. Also, I'm not sure I agree with puzzles being a characteristic feature of modern shooters either outside of Half Life. I certainly don't remember them being present in games like Halo, Medal of Honour or Call of Duty.
  8. Midnight_00

    Thoughts On Hexen?

    Definitely not from a price standpoint, since you can get the whole series (well, everything that's available digitally) dirt cheap in a bundle during sales. If you have it anyway, you might as well give it a try for yourself. I've yet to complete it, but I've heard mixed opinions.
  9. Midnight_00

    Thoughts On Hexen?

    Oh, I'm just talking about the combat when playing as the Mage. Sorry for the confusion. That's useful to know. It sounds like it at least cuts down on busy work when fighting large groups of enemies.
  10. Midnight_00

    Thoughts On Hexen?

    I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but I've quit out of irritation and boredom before completing Seven Portals with the Mage every time I've tried it. It's the fact that all you have is a fairly weak starting weapon and the freeze magic which forces you to switch weapons if you want to shatter the enemies which makes the combat really tedious. Playing through the game with the Cleric struck the right balance for me even though the Centaurs get really horrible later on.
  11. Midnight_00

    What games should I get based on my wishlist?

    Careful with Jedi Knight 1. That game is notoriously painful to get working on modern operating systems. Otherwise those games are some of the best out there for Star Wars fans. Having played Outlaws, it's fairly short but sweet, so it's probably a good choice at a low enough price. Might alternatively want to wait for The Force Engine to support it. I'd give Serious Sam a try as well. Don't expect something exactly like Doom though. It's nearly always high pressure encounters with high enemy counts.
  12. Midnight_00

    It's new name is..

    The image from the OP is from Prometheus. Omicron is a reference to the new COVID variant as others have already clarified.
  13. Not sure if intentional or not, but this is wrong. To me, Heaven and Hell is a natural evolution from what preceded it. Black Sabbath isn't just one thing, even with Ozzy. Never Say Die sounds nothing like the first album. As far as quality goes, I like both. No doubt Ozzy's style influenced a lot of the darker side of metal in the 80s and 90s.
  14. Midnight_00

    Has anyone made a WAD where you visit planets?

    Well, there's Icarus: Alien Vanguard.