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  1. Midnight_00

    I need help choosing an FPS to play

    I guess I'll add Star Wars Dark Forces and Outlaws as recommendations. Might want to wait for The Force Engine to play those though.
  2. Midnight_00

    What are some doom levels that are your guilty pleasures?

    E3M8. When I first played Doom I died immediately and had to pistol start it, and I found it to be a challenging and satisfying experience, yet it's bad enough to be basically infamous. There's a few levels in the old Team TNT WADs I like that maybe aren't that great. I really like the music and atmosphere in Icarus map 24, for instance.
  3. Midnight_00

    Most Useful Quake 1 Weapon

    I've always favoured the grenade launcher, and after finding out it has a higher rate of fire than the rocket launcher, it's pretty much all I want to use. RL is usually thought of as the best in DM from what I gather.
  4. Midnight_00

    I need help choosing an FPS to play

    I'd say go with Doom 2 first. It'll probably be easier to start with than Quake and the other Build games (on that note play Duke before you play the other two). Be sure to check out Unreal as well, though maybe not the second one.
  5. Midnight_00

    How do I get into metal?

    I'd recommend you listen to the most highly regarded albums by the most popular and influential bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Motorhead, Venom and so on. Then you can figure out which styles you like and delve deeper.
  6. I don't like it either, but I don't care much since the classic games will always be there, and it's not like we're short of other shooters.
  7. Midnight_00

    Save button addiction

    I press the save button pretty much every time I add something to the document on Word.
  8. Midnight_00

    Do mappers use Wolfenstein SS in maps/wads?

    I've ran into the Commander Keens a lot more than the Wolf SS playing popular WADs. Besides ALT, the NDCP uses the SS in MAP32, and there's a few thrown in in MAP12 of Community Chest 3 for some reason.
  9. Midnight_00

    Great games that made you give up for any reason

    Multiple Ultima games. Even with 6 I've never had the patience to play it for more than 20 minutes or so, and I haven't tried 7 yet. Anything older than that can't hold my attention, unfortunately. Actually, this happens with me for RPGs in general, even more recent ones like those Legend of Heroes games. I guess I just don't have the patience for them. As for FPS, every time I try to play Rise of the Triad I give up within the first few levels. I think I just find it a bit too weird for my liking.
  10. Midnight_00

    should i beat wolfnestein 3d?

    If your goal is to play through the most prolific FPS games, then obviously yes. Episode 6 actually does have a fair few tedious levels, but you still might as well finish it if you're already that far.
  11. Midnight_00

    DE makes me so unreasonably mad [rant]

    Well, you could always pretend it isn't canon.
  12. I'd say Quake and Unreal are the best of all even though they're a bit later. I do also like the Heretic and Duke soundtracks a lot.
  13. I assume that most people got into (classic) Doom by playing Doom and Doom II themselves first. It just seems like a logical place to start even if you're getting into it for the first time now.
  14. Midnight_00

    1 Weapon Has to Go...

    Wouldn't choose the chainsaw even if I could. Pistol is the obvious choice. Normal shotgun if that's not allowed, though Doom 1's balance would probably be ruined without it.
  15. Midnight_00

    New Guy's Thoughts on Alien Vendetta

    Not a bad start beating AV on UV. You'll probably have a pretty easy time with FD/Sigil. I'd definitely recommend giving similar WADs like Scythe 2, Speed of Doom or Valiant a go at some point.