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  1. Rancid-Radio

    doom 3 or doom 4?

    if their re-doing doom do you think it'll have any of the lost items and ideas that where in the doom bible?
  2. Rancid-Radio

    rare demon

    1 4M 4 l337 H4><0R!!!!! No. fine, be that way. /me goes off to read "bleed american"
  3. Rancid-Radio

    Winners of the Doom GBA contest

    useing strong language wont get you your money back
  4. Rancid-Radio

    rare demon

    1 4M 4 l337 H4><0R!!!!!
  5. Rancid-Radio

    Attention Post Hellers

    yeah but a person like mordeth would never do that. he has integraty and knows that its better to earn your way back up the ladder
  6. Rancid-Radio

    Attention Post Hellers

    i have to t *cough* agree with bane, only a man nothing short of remarkable could work his way out of a negative postcount like mordeths.
  7. Rancid-Radio

    impulse purchase

    i am pretty sure i have minimum requirements but i will wait for the price to drop. i dont buy video games new since i bought nfl 2k1 for $50 and then soon after it went down to 20
  8. Rancid-Radio

    rare demon

    That's quite possible :) only in america
  9. Rancid-Radio

    The Right To Bear Arms

    GwahAHaHAHAHahAHaHAAh!!! yeah, we have the right to have guns. if your to stupid to keep them hidden and out of reach of kids then your just stupid and you give humans a bad name and i dont think that this is really an extreme weapon. you can make something equally dangerous with a bunch of tin cans and lighter fluid.
  10. Rancid-Radio

    all is well on dw forums

    enlighton me
  11. Rancid-Radio


    i bought it the day after it came out and returned it the next day for strider2
  12. Rancid-Radio

    DM with monsters

    even if you had dm with monsters all the monsters would be dead in 5 seconds and that would be the end of it.
  13. Rancid-Radio


  14. Rancid-Radio

    Attention peons!

    thats probobly why lüt and zaldron are mods, ling doesnt want anyone to know that he couldint think of anything else :p
  15. Rancid-Radio


    i believe that games that cant be bought retail anymore should become abondonware. allthough i get confused where the line is drawn between abandonware and warez. like that like that someone put up to the apogee abandonware site, it looked more like warez to me.