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  1. ViperBoy


    I use Cakewalk cuz it came with my Midi keyboard but it's pretty crappy if you ask me. Try it anyway tho...just dunnow here or if u can get a demo of it
  2. ViperBoy

    I think this is how you do ladders

    that's what he meant, just a unit smaller than 1...
  3. Since i suck at math (or the fact that i'm no genius) i need someone to spell this out for me: I wanna do a scene like the castle in Strife where you have a bunch of friendlies and a bunch of evil ones battle it out. What i want is to make a new Thing that is player friendly and shoots at enemies so i wanna know what value the side tag in this Thing has to have. If I set both the player and the friendly thing's Side = 1, the thing's have to kill the player before moving on to killing the enemies.
  4. ViperBoy

    Doom...John Woo Style

    hey my mod has dual pistols ......
  5. There's a program called Hypercam but i mostly use it for capturing small portions of my Windows screen. It seemse to need a lot of processing power and/or a really good video capturing card but the program captures stuff and you can choose a codec (DivX - what else?) and all sorts of stuff and it'll put an avi on your hd.
  6. ViperBoy

    Super Mario Doom

    where to ?
  7. ViperBoy

    Wish List of TCs

    Kitty DooM.....that would be so lame and.......hey, that'll b my next mod :-)
  8. ViperBoy

    Patches not D/Lable from DW

    thanks fodder 8o)
  9. ViperBoy

    Patches not D/Lable from DW

    How come i can't download the patches for DooM2 through Doomworld ? is there some other place i can download them ?
  10. ViperBoy

    Master Levels, how to install them?

    heh, i have master levels too but i only bought the thing to get the poster cuz i got it for about $1.4..ive never tried any of the maps on the cd
  11. ViperBoy

    blame it on nigel!

    Mooses rule ^_^
  12. ViperBoy

    Lord of the Rings (not Doom related)

    I one 2 tickets to go see Lotr.....but it was just my luck that i could only use the tickets in 1 city and that was a city i dont live in ! now i have to spend money to go see it
  13. ViperBoy

    isn't a doom movie?

    games n movies just dont mix: - the tomb raider movie wasnt very good and would've been worse if Lara Croft wasnt in it. - doom ....well, listen to Bbg - and the Men In Black game was a total piece of crap
  14. ViperBoy

    I think I have lost my love for doom!

    not true ! i played doom a couple of months ago
  15. ViperBoy

    Super Mario Doom

    i want mario doom !