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  1. WhiteNoise

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    Ok, I wasn't going to comment on this thread at all. But, sorry, deadnail... Dave's got a point. Bush so far has pissed off basically the entire middle east by bombing sites in Iraq as well as other things. Granted, he's handling this rather well (better than that pussy Gore would), which Dave doesn't agree with, obviously, but I have to say I personally wasn't moved by the "We'll get these varmints" (ok, ok, he said "folks") speech this morning. Then again, I was kind of in shock about the whole thing. I'm sure Dave was when he posted that as well. So, just chill - it's just Dave's initial reaction, probably fueled by the already brewing hatred for Bush's job so far and the state of shock of EVERY American on this day of mass-terrorism. Besides, Dave's natually pissed-off. That's just how he is.
  2. WhiteNoise

    No Carmack Speech for you !

    GAHAAHAHAHAAHA!! You obviously haven't heard these yet :) Anyways, I'm taking it to that guy I mentioned's place tonight to see what he can do with these. Hopefully he can at least make them listenable. You're right, I haven't... hehe... although, like I said, I'd like to try...
  3. WhiteNoise

    No Carmack Speech for you !

    If someone wants to send me the MP3s, I can take a stab at it as well... I've been known to be able to take complete shit and make it far less shitty, so... ya know... Anyone tried filtering out the noise with an EQ as well as other filters? If the noise resides in a certain frequency range, it should be easy. I'm guessing someone tried that.
  4. WhiteNoise

    Trent Reznor

    I'm not even going to dignify this with a response. *looks at screen* ...damn. Oh well, while I'm at it... Have you even listened to like... E1M1 and E3M8? Those ARE heavy metal.
  5. WhiteNoise

    Whoa... new forums. Cool.

    Well, if I'd kept my old name (Hellspawn) I'd be a member before now. I mean, it's not like I haven't been around the forums that long... I've been around just about a year now, I think... maybe more...
  6. WhiteNoise

    Whoa... new forums. Cool.

    Good point again. Damn.
  7. WhiteNoise

    Whoa... new forums. Cool.

    Good point. But hey, I just saw the new ones today. I only post once in like every three months, cut me some slack here... hehe
  8. WhiteNoise

    Whoa... new forums. Cool.

    ...although, I kinda liked the simplicity of the old ones. Ah well, this is cool too. Oh, in case you didn't realize, this has NOTHING to do with Doom.... ah well...
  9. WhiteNoise


    *cough*Luckybastard*cough* Hehe... good work... you beat me out of it. :) ...Along with half of the Doomworls community, probably...
  10. WhiteNoise

    Musical Surrenity [The Tunez]

    "damn, i just keep digging a deeper hole..." Damn straight. Oh... I think you switched the S and Z keys on your keyboard... might want to fix that...
  11. WhiteNoise

    - deadnail -

    (Simpsons' style) Ha-ha!
  12. WhiteNoise


    I forget... did I ever send my entry to that contest in? hehe
  13. WhiteNoise

    Damn difficulty levels

    Hey, mine too... cool. I'm 16, though.
  14. http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=20010408 check it out... it's one HP Lovecraft merchandising venture that didn't go too far...
  15. WhiteNoise

    wtf?? wtf?? and wtf?????

    ...what an ass.