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  1. wasted

    Doom 3 Manual.

    Ispired to post by dsm reply on Color of Doom, heh. Hmm, it would be nice to have an original novel (or a full_pucture_like story) along with original game cd inside the box, imwo. Something that describes the events, units, stuff, personnel and etc. I guess it might be done in corporative UAC manual\short-guide style. Any ideas?
  2. wasted

    Blue Elf

    Blue Elf :)
  3. wasted

    Various Art Images

    Agreeed! Hmm, Spawn is the best in your gallery along with Imp i guess. These are good!
  4. wasted

    Silent Hell Chapter 1: Escape

    Yes. I do remember your conversion of BoH. Thats a good example of fanfic i guess.
  5. wasted

    The Color of Doom 3

    Fully agreed :)
  6. wasted

    UAC-67L Battle Armor

    Its kinda Battle Mech from the AVP2.
  7. wasted

    Poll : Survival Horror. . .

    SH rules. Its really survival imwo...
  8. wasted

    Worried about Doom 3

    These words are words of wisdom indeed!
  9. wasted

    Worried about Doom 3

    Well, in Doom 3 i was promised a storyline along with rushin'n'bashin hell spawn. I agree for 100% that monsters play important role in creating unique game atmosphere. But events and player activity should be reflected in some way. As another example: while shooting deamons you blow a keycard_recieveng block at the door. What you are to do then? :) About AI: beh, there are much easier to include more animation then to write AI scrips imwo.
  10. wasted

    Vehicles in Doom 3.

    That was a reason for my asking, heh. I agree with shaviro but i wouldnt mind interstellar ships though.
  11. wasted

    Favorite Heretic Artifact

    Totally agreed!!!
  12. wasted

    Vehicles in Doom 3.

    Any ideas?
  13. wasted

    Worried about Doom 3

    About concept: i think that the main source of inspiration for current Doom goes from Event Horizon, Aliens, Alien3, Greek mythological beliefs and gothic scriptures. Personally i would like to see more sci-fi than mystic stuff. About Doom3 being a game of the future: well, i still believe that Doom3 will make my eye pop out, heh. About thinking and killing in Doom3: I dont want linear quests like get_the_key_to_open_damn_door. For example you should be able to have opportunities, like you can try to fuel the starship for escaping, or just go into the lab to save some scientist, or try to launch Self-destraction sequence on base. Besides, it could be cool when instead of hanging aroung and searching for key, you will able just to shoot\blow the damn door!!! About beloved WH40k: Well, this universe has a lot of things common with Doom3, imwo. The forces of Chaos are hellish indeed!
  14. wasted

    QuakeCon / Doom3 MP speculations

    I agreed with dsm. There is no need in making Q3A with a new engine. So player limitations are good thing to include, imwo. Anyway, there will be mp games based on the Doom3 engine, so i care much for the entire game atmosphere in sp then to killin\fraggin mp.
  15. wasted


    Doom Boy This one is weird!!! First i wanted to make kinda comic but then i realised that its too much to scan. So i made that lolish poster!!! Yes, thats no doubt Fallout influence, heh! I thought of PipBoy and then he appeared to be in Doom! Heh, back to 50s :)!!!