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  1. TwiNCannoN

    Has anybody else watched Fatal1ty playing on NBC Giga tonight?

    Didn't see it, unfortunately, I like watching progamers progress and especially fat's. Unfortunately, from what I HAVE seen of him (qcon 04), he really sucked. I'm sitting here in irc, watching the gamecast, cursing at myself over and over and over that I didn't go to the event as he takes a cool $25,000 that, even in the few virgin weeks the game had been out, didn't even deserve. I couldn't believe his dm2 game, I would've had him in the negative frags (although I'm sure he knows of the strategy I would've used by now, the map is already getting played less and less due to the unbelievably lame weapon-deny strategy I came up with). Now I'm sitting here pissed off at exploits/map issues in doom3 multiplayer, and pondering if I should cancel going to winter CPL (which I am signed up for). bah. competitive gaming sucks.
  2. TwiNCannoN

    Play Doom 3, Win Money

    More impressive I think is that doom3 is most likely going to be the game that's used for the $1,000,000 world tour next year. In any case, I'll be there this winter, unless some emergency comes up of course.
  3. TwiNCannoN

    "For those who have, uh, somehow played Doom 3 already?"

    "For those who have a badass retailer or don't know how to spell the word 'super'..."
  4. TwiNCannoN

    Random not-so-spoiling question

    Yes, the suit you get ingame has an air supply for just that reason, and of course to make things interesting it runs out of air as you go around and you have to find convienently placed air canisters to restock it. edit: oh, and I hear the dust/atmosphere of it is amazing.
  5. TwiNCannoN

    Well atleast it comes in a cd case

    No friggin kidding... I'm gonna murder that thing so hard when I see it ingame.
  6. TwiNCannoN

    The Prima strategy guide...

    Yeah, I know 99% of today's guides are worthless, but I just wanted to let you guys know that unless you just want the pretty book with doom3 logo then don't even bother. edit: doesn't even come with a poster :\
  7. TwiNCannoN

    My first impressions

    I need MP info!
  8. TwiNCannoN

    The Prima strategy guide...

    ...more or less sucks. I don't recommend buying it unless you're a collector, or, like me, are just trying to pass the time in any way possible. As usual it's information is shakey and poorly laid out, and focuses on entirely the wrong things.
  9. TwiNCannoN

    Doom 3 Out There

    Oh, I know, but that's not the fault of the customer. Wallmart's always in trouble for doing it. I hope they do it again for me :) I am hearing probably the most MIXED replies of all time about doom3 for stores around me though. Gonna keep calling until I get a yes basically, since no one seems to have a clue :P
  10. TwiNCannoN

    Doom 3 Out There

    Hey, completely offtopic, but I notice you have a "microsoft frontpage" folder also... do you have any idea what the deal with that is? (if you haven't checked it out, look in it, it's empty and from the capitalization looks legit, and if it's like mine you can't delete it). I've had this on 3 installations of windows and can't figure out what is up... and obviously you can't google about it.
  11. TwiNCannoN

    Doom 3 Out There

    Oh please. This is the same kind of "I know about an exploit in an MMORPG but I'm a little angel and won't use it to gain an advantage because I'm better than that", except worse. Life is short, people have lusts, GET THE FUCKING GAME IF YOU CAN. :P
  12. TwiNCannoN

    3 days 6 hours MY ASS!

    hm, well, my questions are all multiplayer really. I know SP will be badass, and I'm just not the kind of guy to get hyped up for something I will only play for X amount of minutes. However, for MP, which is something that could grasp me for the next X YEARS, I am literally on the edge of my seat. I'd give you some questions but honestly I'm a detail fiend when it comes to anticipating new games, so I'd probably ask way too much lol... SUCH AS: how long does it take for items to spawn? ammo? health? powerups? what's the weapon spawn system like? pickup/stay toggleable, or pickup only (and if so what's the timer, and is it variable in tdm vs tourney)? is there a megahealth or megasphere? does the berserker fill you up to 100 health ala classic doom? what kind of flavors does armor and health come in? does health and/or armor tick down like quake or stay at 100+ like classic doom? any extra bindings like crouch, jump, sprint/walk, use, etc? heh, and that was all just one run-on thought 0_o Of course, my biggest question that I still haven't gotten an answer on, but is a hard one to ask if you don't know how to do it or what it is, is the movement tricks in MP. Strafejumping, double jumping... have heard so many rumors about both, and they're important to me, so I want the truth asap :) if you have no idea what they are don't bother. But if you do, that's the one and only question that I'm DYING to know. also, curious if it still uses a console system, and what the commands are like. Also if it uses a bind system ala the quake series (and doom user-created engines). heh I'll stop here :P thanks if you do answer anything ;) edit: oh, and of course I forget the most important thing, but I bet you couldn't answer anyway being that there's no servers... how's the netcode? (if you just make your own server, it's no estimation of the netcode, since your ping will be 0)
  13. TwiNCannoN

    Well atleast it comes in a cd case

    OMG ITS SO FAKE I CAN TELL THE PHOTOSHOP A MILE AWAY just kidding. But seriously, that best buy price tag makes me EXTREMELY jealous :P
  14. TwiNCannoN

    Doom 3 Out There

    Dude, I was thinking the same thing. That panel on the right wall there looks just like the ones I had so much fun smashing in SS2 :)
  15. TwiNCannoN

    Things to consider when mapping for Doom3

    Something for people planning to do MP maps for doom3 and actually want them to get playtime: http://www.promode.org/maps/guide/ decent gameplay theory/design guide from the quake3 CPMA community.