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  1. moonspell

    Can I get some help in Spear of Destiny?

  2. moonspell

    Poor 9800PRO performance

    I am having exactly the same problems. Somebody please help as this is extremely frustrating for us.
  3. moonspell

    What system did you have your 1st Doom expierence?

    My first Doom experience? You'll like this one: I was over at the University of Wisconsin from '91 to '94 studying computer science. I am English, but for ten years my family migrated to Wisconsin to earn more money before settling back to England to buy property. I had long been a fan of id's games. Having ordered Wolf3D directly from Apogee (still have the original parcel and disks), some id Software catalogs came through advertising a new game called Doom. It was about '92 when I got the first news about it. Anyway, I spent the time waiting for Doom to be released playing on Wolf3D registered on my brand new Athlon 386. I couldn't imagine a more absorbing gaming experience. How wrong I was... A few weeks prior to Doom's release, after my University classes I noticed several flyers advertising the fact that they would be the first to host Doom shareware. I jumped, and told everybody I could about the event. The event did come. December the 3rd. We were all logged onto the server, waiting anxiously. Did anything happen? No. After two hours of waiting (we couldn't chat online), I grew bored and logged out, thoroughly depressed. Next day, new flyers were up claiming that we would be informed via BB message when the hosting would take place. Sure enough, I got a message. It would happen on December 10th. W00t! Time dragged until that day. I couldn't concentrate at my classes. I played Wolf3D even more. I read (something unusual for me). I needed something to distract me from the excitement of playing Doom. The day came. Night fell. Again, all the fans logged on and we couldn't speak (though I did notice that some users' names were aimed at the id guys - "you rule romero" was the guy's name). The chat channel activated, and Romero came online talking the game up. "Imagine solving an argument with your freind over an online deathmatch..." "you suck romero" became that guy's new name. I joined in and named myself "MooD". Time passed and we grew impatient. The chat channel booted up again and Jay Wilbur came online and rather harshly told us to get off because he couldn't upload the file. We did as we were told. Nothing happened for about 45 minutes, so we assumed all was going well and the game was being successfully uploaded. I decided to check my BB message inbox for the time being (the server was VERY slow by now) and I discovered that the file had indeed been uploaded. W00t! What happened then? The moment I tried to log into the channel to download the file, my computer crashed. I tried and tried (it was now about 3:00am) before I almost collapsed under the strain of staying awake. I decided to call it a day. I did manage to play Doom the following night. I got through the whole episode in just under three hours, with low detail graphics. I was in heaven. And when I play it now, I still am. Whew! There it is - my first experience. If you guys have read Masters of Doom, you will be able to relate to that easily. I was so happy to read it and think "Wow, I was a part of that!" Thanks for reading.
  4. moonspell

    Box Art

    go to: http://mobygames.com for boxart of every Doom released.
  5. moonspell

    NIGHTMARE MODE...how far?

    "Hah!! I have beet Doom 1 and 2 on Nightmare... is that believible, becuase it is the trueth! I like to get alot of ammo" Liar! The fact that you have joined only fairly recently suggests to me the fact that you are a newbie that craves respect from the Doom Diehards on this forum...
  6. moonspell

    Spiderdemon or Cyberdemon?

    The Cyberdemon! Pesky as they are throughout Doom II, there is nothing better than the feeling of self - satisfaction you get after killing one. The music that goes with the boss at the end of episode 2 is like the Cyberdemon's theme tune. Every time you hear it, he's all that you can think of. It is also about twice as tough as the Spiderdemon, which makes it a lot cooler to kill. The rockets he sports are also tremendously powerful.
  7. moonspell

    What do you miss most?

    For me, it would just be WolfenDoom. I am probably too young to remember the early popular projects, but WolfenDoom was great - a perfect fusion of my two all - time favourite games.
  8. moonspell

    Doom 2 levels

    For me, the best Doom II level is The Gantlet. I love the beginning, where you can just make out a zombie guy through the window. The rest of the level is supremely well designed. It took me ages to know what to do once that switch being guarded by the chaingun sergeant, but when I finally saw the wall that had been raised to level the portal, I was very happy indeed.
  9. moonspell

    Doomers by Location

    Earth [**]England [***]Merseyside [****]Liverpool [*****]Maghull
  10. moonspell

    Looking for Doomers At school,look no more.

    I would like to add some box covers onto my site, but I don't own any, since I ordered Wolfenstein 3D and its spin - offs back in the early '90s. They arrived on my doorstep in ziplog bags. mobygames.com have covers for all of the games, but they have the MobyGames logo printed on them, so that would be blatant stealing... I am aware that Half Life is an old game now (six years), but it is still hyped so much, that it still seems new to me. Also, I couldn't find a suitable example of a truly modern game that has been inspired by Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, so Half Life came to mind.
  11. moonspell

    Looking for Doomers At school,look no more.

    I have a friend who foolishly refuses to play retro games of any kind. We both have websites set up (check out my homepage). His is about Counter Strike, mine about Wolfenstein 3D (a Doom one is being made, don't worry) and we always argue over which games are better. Surely if you love FPS modern games, you should appreciate how classics like Doom helped bring them about. Without Doom, there would surely be no Half Life and obviously no Counter - Strike. We update our websites at about the same time to reflect our rivalry. It's kind of reminiscent of the never - ending battle between Blur and Oasis in England. I hope one day he'll see sense...
  12. moonspell

    Something classic

    Wolfenstein 3D without shadow of a doubt, started the FPS craze for real. The fast - paced gameplay, shocking graphics and addictive nature made it an instant hit and is now easily a true gaming classic. Doom took the gaming world by storm and thrust it into the mainstream. Only one year after Wolfenstein 3D's release, the FPS genre broke new ground with Doom boasting an unbelievable engine, spooky sounds and music and quite literally the most addictive gameplay ever. Quake carried it on, but never produced such a stir than the above masterpieces could. Reason: Quake = Doom + true 3D engine + improved multiplayer functionality. An improvement, yes, but not a revolution.
  13. moonspell

    Best Way to Play Opinion

    I use JDoom only. In my opinion, by far the best source port of Doom available. Superb graphics capability, great features and stable net code with Doom Connector. Two thumbs up!!!
  14. moonspell

    The first time you met the Spider Mastermind...

    When I first met the Spider Mastermind, I didn't realise it was actually him until I got up close. I concentrated mainly on the nearby cacodemons, stocked up on the ammo provided on the ledge and went towards it. When I came into contact with him, I backed well back, then fired and fired, strafing to and from his view behind the middle building. It was a heart - pounding experience.
  15. moonspell

    doom2.wad - latest version size?

    Aha! I did have v1.9. After I reinstalled, the WAD file returned to its normal size. Doesn't need patching now! Thanks again.