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  1. Blood Moon

    Mac Legacy over LAN

    Hey another Mac User : )
  2. Blood Moon

    Regular Door Open

    I noticed the in Doom 2, doors open by bottom on up, I would like to now if it is possible to have them opening like doors in regular day life, A.K.A. they spin.
  3. Blood Moon


    Yes, I did download the Mac version. Why?
  4. Blood Moon

    How do you edit textures on Mac?

    This sounds stupid but, How do you use Deimos 0.5.1b to edit textures? Its Readme dos'nt help!
  5. Blood Moon


    Come on, 29 people have viewed this forum question and know one has answered? WTF
  6. Blood Moon


    I tried WolfenDoom on Doom Legacy but some of the new textures just show up as what they where originally. Can this be corrected? I'm a Mac user if it makes a difference.
  7. Blood Moon

    Doom II on Mac 0S X

    I was considering getting a Mac 0S X installed in my Mac OS 9.2, but I'm afraid Doom II won't work. Question: Will Doom II work with Mac 0S X?
  8. Blood Moon

    How do you run TC's

    I have WADtyper v1.1 will this work? If not where can I get one?
  9. Blood Moon

    How do you run TC's

    I looked under the batman TC and saw a Mac version download but under Twilight Warrior it only has PC. How do I run PC TC's on my Mac?
  10. Blood Moon

    Can't Get Doom Legacy or TC's To Work Help!

    I did download a Mac version but it is asking for DOOM.WAD, DOOM2.WAD ,TNT.WAD, PLUTONIA.WAD and the only file I have is the DOOM2.WAD, even so when I click on the Doom Legacy Icon it still says I need these folders?
  11. How do I get Doom Legacy or any other TC such as the Twilight Warrior to work on my Mac?