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  1. Euphoricape

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Refracted reality + 1
  2. Euphoricape

    What are you playing now?

    Halfway through ancient aliens, first time playing it and its as amazing as everyone says.
  3. Euphoricape

    Rem (Commercial)

    Looks awesome, very unique retro look. 👌
  4. Euphoricape

    PWADs for beginner level player

    I recently got back into Doom after many years, one of the first wads I played was Back to Saturn X (ep.1) Found it a bit tricky in places but really enjoyed it, then went on to alien vendetta which was a big jump in difficulty but absolutely amazing and improved my skills a bit. Since then I've played through Scythe, lunatic, vanguard and going down. All being very enjoyable and highly recommended. Currently half way through valiant, which seems to be much harder in every way but I love a challenge.
  5. Euphoricape

    What are you playing now?

    Recently finished Going down which I really enjoyed and found very challenging in places. Currently about a third of the way through valiant which is also fantastic but much harder than I was expecting.
  6. Euphoricape

    The Age of Hell: FPS game for GZDoom - DEMO OUT

    Can't wait for this, amazing work
  7. Euphoricape

    Your favorite way to deal with one or several Cyberdemons?

    What is the secret to BFG 2- shots..? Up close and aim at the chest or head?
  8. Euphoricape

    The curse of Doom

    The only other game I've played lately is Doom Eternal, which doesn't come anywhere close to the fun I have playing classic Doom/Doom2 etc. Currently on the last few maps of alien vendetta and its the most fun I've had playing games for years.
  9. Euphoricape

    Any megawads to reccomend?

    Just completed Doom Zero and really enjoyed it. Currently about halfway through BTSX ep1, having a blast with this one!