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  1. Terrible news. The Egyptian level in AV is breath taking. Clearly, he was a creative genus.
  2. No, you are not.
  3. The ability to disable your mana, so you have to Tyson him, or whatever. He should also have the power to ride a serpent, damnit, and maybe even summon a whole bunch.
  4. The Crate-u-lator: Target enemy turns into a crate.
  5. Well done community! We can't let these little guys get away with stuff like this.
  6. That sucks. I really enjoyed his coop map series and was disappointed when he stopped working on it as each iteration got better and better. If it weren't for that map series I might not be playing Doom still. *tips hat to Toke*
  7. Kind of like this?? I called him the Lord Vile, although Vile King has a nice ring to it. I think his flame throwing attack is the coolest part about him. His homing mean-death-faces are nice and he also summons normal archviles to help him. I created 4 versions of this guy and a demo map, so you can view each version by going into the teleporter in the corner of the map. ----- Personally, for a new boss, I'd like to see a pre-cybered cyberdemon with magic powers and fireball thingies.
  8. Based on the IESB review, I'm kind of thinking I should buy the soundtrack.
  9. Except for TO who did some remixes for Final Doom, these seem to be the first Doom tracks submitted by these artists. Not bad, I supposed. I'm a bit biased on some of these since I've already heard some pretty good remixes for them.
  10. I tried reading this at work but had to stop at "fucking". I could barely contain myself when I read that.
  11. I like Action Doom's hell the best. It's very scenic.
  12. Heretic has the minotaur.
  13. Genome gimmick = bad and the monsters look gorillas in really tight meat suits.
  14. Or just have the level end as soon as one player enters the train, and then put all the players on the "train level."
  15. I was disappointed that we could easily jump over barriers we weren't supposed to. Server admins need to take note of this if you put up a coop game.