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  1. nightdiveistrash

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    stronghold (tnt map09) sucks
  2. nightdiveistrash

    What difficulty do you play Doom on?

    Uv dont listen to the people complaining about how this thread ostensibly gets posted every few months and such instead of politely responding with an actual reply to your question, if things were their way Doomworld would’ve died years ago.
  3. nightdiveistrash

    Why is Doom more fun than Heretic?

    It’s not. Both are equal.
  4. Were you absent the day they taught fact vs opinion?
  5. nightdiveistrash

    Have you ever changed your opinion on a game?

    Used to hate Doom actually, thought the level design sucked, I played on Dosbox as well. It wasn't until I started getting bored of modern fps level design and I started using source ports that I was able to enjoy Doom.
  6. nightdiveistrash

    Save/autosave kept

    Gonna assume you are talking about GZDoom. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create separate folders in the program itself. What you CAN do though is disable the autosaves, and save at the beginning of each level. Saves from different wads will still show, but you can keep the saves forever. Not sure what the limit is though.
  7. nightdiveistrash

    What's something about Doom you absolutely love?

    The plot
  8. Expecting a faster response here than duke4
  9. nightdiveistrash

    Single-player or multi-player?

    Just want peoples opinions
  10. nightdiveistrash

    Tips for e4m6?

    Thanks in advance