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  1. And with this, we are done. Thanks to everyone who watched this playthrough. See you in a couple months for Back to Saturn X Episode 2!
  2. I just finished recording Episode 4 of Quake, and I feel like I've just ran a marathon.
  3. Almost done with this one. And Summer Game Fest began. I have a thing of uploading videos the same day of big events.
  4. About last week's State of Play - Whoops.
  5. Posting this video early because today is the State of Play. No, I don't think there's going to be anything of importance, but still.
  6. Surprise, it's not over yet! After I played both the Intergalactic Xenology WADs, and saw they used the same texture pack as AA, I HAD to make a playthrough of those. Fortunately, they're pretty short (5 maps each with no secret maps), so they won't take long.
  7. Well, that's it for the main "campaign". Secret maps are next.
  8. As much as I hate these types of maps with tons of high-tier enemies from the word go, this one was legit fun to play.
  9. I said in the video, too, but from next week, I'm starting a Quake playthrough. I just replayed the first four episodes (have the 25th anniversary remaster) and... Yep, Vores and Shamblers are still annoying.