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  1. zdoom and scripting

    Very good. It looks like I'm all set. Thanks.
  2. zdoom and scripting

    Thank you. I forgot to ask, in order to use Doom in Hexen format, do I need the hexen iwad? Regards, GS
  3. zdoom and scripting

    Hey folks. It's been an awful long time since I posted anything here, but I have a question. I am using DB 2.0 (finally switched from 1.0) and am looking to utilize the built in ACS functionality. What I am wondering though, is this: can I still use "Doom in Doom format" in order to run scripts? Or do I have to use "Doom in Hexen format". Also, if I switch a map in progress from Doom in Doom format to Doom in Hexen format, what kind of damage could I cause to the map? Regards, Ash (Godshatter)
  4. 15 years of doom

    following the 5/10 years of doom, is there anything planned for 15 years this december 10?
  5. hey again guys. my map is coming again pretty well but ive hit an odd problem. in 3d mode i see the correct floor height in the newest sector ive built but when i load it up in zdoom it shows the old floor height. texture changed and ceiling changed are correctly loaded though. ive closed DB and opened it again and ive also closed zdoom and opened it again to no result. as usual, here is a link to my new build. (no compressed files this time, just the .wad file) http://rapidshare.com/files/138124865/smalltime.wad.html the sector in question is sector 133 (the eastern portion of the cross that is a separate area in the southeastern part of the overall map). the reason im doing floor changes on that sector is because when passing linedef 610 sector 139 (and the sectors beside it) become a rising staircase, but the last step raises too far so im raising the floor of the sector it raises into. however, as stated above, those floor height changes are not properly reflected when i load the map in zdoom. thanks for the help guys. *edit* also linedef 564 (far east room, not quite the last one) shows the correct "face" texture when viewed in 3d edit mode of DB but when the map is played it looks like a HOM instead.
  6. another question [linedefs/triggers]

    sweet, that fixed both problems. i just played through what ive made and i think i need to add just a little bit more health. that final room destroyed me in about 5 seconds.
  7. okay, so on the northeastern part of my map... sector 26 opens up into a new room with stairs leading up to a slightly raised floor. the door opens at the flip of a switch (functions correctly). however, when the player moves from sector 26 into this new room, when he passes over line 284 that should trigger sector 63 to raise however it does not. on the other side of this door when the player crosses line 318 or 316 sector 69 is supposed to raise and block the players retreat. i cant test the second door because the first one doesnt work. could someone please take a look? http://rapidshare.com/files/137154945/smalltime.wad.html is where u can get the file
  8. door help (new thread)

    ah, thank you nuxius. and thanks for the input kyka. turns out making the physical map isnt so hard. the hard part is keeping it visually interesting (details/architecture) and keeping the fights challenging but the ammo/health balanced. maybe in a week or so i'll have something for testing out.
  9. door help (new thread)

    okay. what is the .dbs file for then? and on a design note, do u think the 1 way wall with the revenants is too... iritating to the player? (the inside of that room will be attached to a secret a little later in the level) im trying to make a level that will be challenging because i know my architecture isnt going to be all that inspired (since this is my first level and all)
  10. door help (new thread)

    okay now i have another problem that i just now saw. for some reason monster projectiles can hit me when im in that first switch room off to the right (linedefs 19 and 82, though there could also be a problem with the linedefs immediately surrounding sector 28- the sector with the switch in it) new build (with the corrected doors and an unfinished lift) http://rapidshare.com/files/136688160/smalltime.rar.html also, do i need to keep including the .dbs file?
  11. door help (new thread)

    awesome. thank you so much!
  12. door help (new thread)

    okay. but i need to keep the ceiling height lowered initially right? (for the door to be initially closed).
  13. door help (new thread)

    door opens and i want players and monsters to be able to pass through the volume. i dont want anything to be blocked. i just want the door to open and everything be able to move through.
  14. door help (new thread)

    odd http://rapidshare.com/files/136656572/smalltime.rar.html i just tried that one and it does work
  15. door help (new thread)

    alright grazza, i started a new thread. i make a door and it works correctly. however in the sector volume that the door occupies there is a trench that i can pass over but monsters cannot. well actually, one of them i can go over but one of them i cant. http://rapidshare.com/files/136656572/smalltime.rar.html is a link to the map. problem sectors are 20 and 21