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  1. just saw one of the AOD sprites was taken in as a demon replacement, does that mean that SoK has given up on finishing his? shame, i was rather looking forward to it, considering the quality of his earlier work. otherwise, i think bigbadgangsta's idea to be the best - let the skeletons replace the baron & hell knight. these two should be similar anyway as they kind of are in the original wad, which some wadmakers will have considered in their maps. also, i'd like for them to be not exactly similar with only colours to tell them apart, which again makes the skeletons perfect. the fact that they're, well, skeletons, doesn't bother me one bit - isn't it in final doom where it says that "earth is under attack by aliens, mutants and evil spirits"? i always found that sentence to be a brilliant work of art. tell me, in which other game/movie/whatever have you seen those three active at the same time? =) skeletons are evil, thus fit perfectly while further adding to doom's inyourface lack of a too serious story. btw, does the AOD TC have a homepage?
  2. the m-tekk arenas link doesn't work, anyone know what it should be?
  3. ...someone made a K.K.K. DooM? completely missed that. are you playing as one or killing them? heh, i'd like to check it out. is it still around?
  4. shouldn't that be Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight? else it'll sound kinda funny...
  5. Q3 has far superior atmosphere to UT. and that's what counts.
  6. where did you learn that, Q?
  7. i've been trying to track the names that are given credit in the game, but to no avail. including that one. any ideas on how to get his (or any of the others) e-mail? i haven't had any luck at all.
  8. ...or is anything at all known about its status?
  9. sorry if this is common knowledge and i've missed it, but - has there been any attempt to get the Strife source code?
  10. stumbled upon a complete Strife in a usedPCgame-shop today! happy joy etc etc! =) however, i can't download the patches from 3ddownloads, nor find them anywhere else. anyone have the files or know where to get them? the ones i need are strife10-13.exe & v13_v131.exe. i think. =)
  11. toot
  12. you really should give it a 2nd go, Zaldron. it deserves it.
  13. coop'ed through DOOM II to Tristania's albums last week, mainly the latest one "World of Glass". worked very well.
  14. Yeah, dammit! Strife wins on innovation & addiction, while Heretic by far had the best atmosphere. All the others are quite a bit behind. oh, and System Shock & Blood are quite impressive too.