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  1. Squall

    Over one year later...

    I was about to throw it away but Coop mods came out so I decided to play it again on coop. Go to lms.d3files.com and download v1.0 you'll like it.
  2. Squall

    The Dark Side of Phobos

    With that Darkness Dawning music, I can just see a perfect Doom video. Doom Guy while blasting hell demons away with his super shotgun in a evil cathedral, wondering where that female voice is coming from. And it ends up she was a hell vixen and when she lures him into her trap, she lunges at him and the Doom Marine blasts her head off with his super shotgun. Wow i'm a nerd with to much imagination. Time to look at the sun for a while.
  3. Squall

    What's your favorite food?

    My favorite is...PIZZA! And tacos...
  4. Squall

    The Dark Side of Phobos

    I'm not to sure about that buddy...they are probably long time doomers like me. They might dislike it, some will like it who knows.
  5. Squall

    The Dark Side of Phobos

    Love these tracks. I have some of these on my mp3 player already.
  6. Squall

    Doom 3 can be annoying

    While hosting on a LMS SP Coop server. While on Monorail I came out of the train go through the door as usual, the Melee Commando comes out, I duck his tentencale when I came back to shoot him in the face with the shotgun, he kicks me like 5 feet and knocks me down below the train. Quite a powerful kick.
  7. Squall

    Sound Effect In Hell

    You wonder why you here babies in hell? Well lets just say Beturger is a lucky bastard!
  8. Squall

    Favorite Ultimate Doom song?

    Doom 2 Level 1 & 2
  9. Squall

    Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Box Art

    Who cares we don't look at the box art anyway, we'd just be taking the case out of the box right when we walk through that door.
  10. Squall

    I'm going to Hell!

    I'd like Doom 3 to be more like the ol' Doom, where in ep3 you explore different parts of hell like you do in the mars base and that would make the Doom 3 replay value increase a little, because the game is much longer. But what can you do?
  11. Squall

    What's your favorite level, besides Hell?

    Lol the slime looks like the insides of snot.
  12. Squall

    What's your favorite level, besides Hell?

    No, I think that was Recycling 1 or 2.
  13. Squall

    What's your favorite level, besides Hell?

    The eariler part of Delta Labs 1. No question. I see imps crawling outside and I wondered if there gonna pop through a roof, and their sight sounds freaked me out I thought 1 was gonna jump at me. Then I saw a commando i tried to hit him but he ran away. Long story short, until I put the data linker in, it was hella scary.
  14. Squall


    I agree also, having AOL as a ISP is like eating McDonaolds everyday but I do like their fries though.
  15. Squall

    Mod: TinMan Squad 0.3

    Nevermind about what I said.