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  1. Vogel im Käfig Port - tested with DSDA-Doom 0.26.2, Nugget Doom 2.1.0, Doom Retro 5.1.0, GZDoom 4.8 Complevel - MBF21 Iwad - doom2.wad Number of maps - 1 Jump and crouch are not allowed This wad contains replaced standart Doom graphics, so mods are not recommended Story: There are ocassional demons attacks on humans that happening accross the planet, but no massive invasion. ████████████ heard some rumors about cult named ████████████ in the city of ████████████, whose actions possibly causing demons to attack. ████████████ send you to this city in order to investigate and prevent cult activity. Screenshots: Link to archive from Endoom mapping contest 2024: Download link (updated 14.05.24): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_K7LBaDRKJ1VGMClWP9Yhg0_XMWLKgyt/view?usp=sharing
  2. Cyberdemons do not count in killcounter, so you can (and should) kill all monsters and find all secrets before cyberdemons appears
  3. ShiroiAkuma51

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    Just some screenshots from my latest release ;) You can play it here:
  4. Made some fixes and updated wad in first post
  5. Updated wad: fixed wrong offsets on cyberdemon sprites (thanks to @_Mud for showing me this issue <3)
  6. ShiroiAkuma51


    Played this map before. Nice and beautiful visuals and awesome gameplay. Recommended!
  7. Thank you very much, @Napeyear! About cyberdemons towering building you literally read my thoughts when i make this big guys. I'm glad that this moment really works ^^ And i'm surprised how little amount of bugs and problems were found by you, guys o_0
  8. @Shepardus Thanks for playing! Glad, that you're enjoyed my map <3
  9. @GGChannel Well, i think it should work now. Updated link in the first post.
  10. @jmac Thanks for playing! <3 @GGChannel I think it's just a bug, nothing more. Imp should teleport to map from this room, but for some reason he never did. I'll look into it and i'll definetily fix this. Thanks for reporting this. And thanks for playing, of course!
  11. @Oxyde Thanks for playing! <3
  12. @Custom Longplay Thanks for playing! Hope you're enjoyed my map <3 But it's sad that Brutal Doom broke narrative of the map and you couldn't saw replaced enemies, especially Cyberdemons, that supposed to be giant. Hope you'll find some time and play it as intended. Anyway, thanks again!
  13. @Alaux I'm very glad to read that! Thank you very much! ^^
  14. @Maribo Thank you very much for playing and for demo! <3
  15. But they are sentient humans, not zombified, that's why they are speaking like this. But i can't argue - "found you!" voice line can be annoying :D But i don't think that i'll change that. Anyway, thanks for playing!
  16. @fefor Glad, that you're enjoyed itю Thanks for playing ^^
  17. @dragzxnd Thank you! <3
  18. @The_Eon_Star Well, it's sad , that my map coudln't work properly on your PC. I'm sorry =( What source port you used? I've got some issues with fps on my PC too on DSDA, but it worked very smooth on other tested source ports. Also testers never told me about some performance issues. Hope you'll be able to play =\
  19. @Zesiir thanks for playing! Glad you're enjoyed my map. Yes, about ending: Oh, really. Thanks for that. Fixed this, updated link in the first post
  20. Title translates as "Bird in cage" from... German language :D
  21. Hope you'll have fun. Can't wait for your reviews ^^
  22. Yes. It's a reference for AoT. If you'll play, be sure, you'll see more references ;)
  23. Glad to read that ;D
  24. That was an awesome event! Strongly recommended to play!
  25. Violent Dream ;D DrumUlquiorra is an active member of RDC, but she's not a mapper, she's responsible for idea of this map (and i'm very appreciate her input): something looks like Alice in Wonderland and adding violet colors on map. But in process i added some Umineko When they cry vibes (and OST) and on the finish we've got this map, that i sometimes can't understand how i even able to do this in 10 hours :D