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  1. Revo19

    What did you like most?

    i liked the graphics, the atmosphere, and the killing part
  2. Revo19


  3. Revo19

    Stuck just after Sarge

    can u give a lil more detail of the place ur at, i can prob help ya ;)
  4. im not sure... but when i try and beat the game again i will not send the comm. link for the marines... see if anythin different happens
  5. Revo19

    looking for an elevator?

    isnt this a spoiler anyway?
  6. Revo19

    Something is bothering me....

    when i played the game i think i missed the part when you look in the mirror and it looks like ur face is rotting and "Wheres my baby?!".... how did i miss those? i guess i will see them if i go and play the game again
  7. Revo19

    Well does Doom 3 deserve the title Doom ?

    without spoiling it or anything........ yes it does deserve the name "Doom"
  8. Revo19

    Ok, now Im stuck in Hell

    well u didnt need to pick up the chaingun anyways lol but anywayd i hoped that helped... Enjoy your stay in hell! lol
  9. Revo19

    My Review on Doom3

    yea that would be bad-ass with d2 mods or doom mods with the doom3 engine
  10. Revo19

    Ok, now Im stuck in Hell

    are u up to a place where u just face all these hgell-knights? well wat i did is where that orange circle (in the norther part of the center were u fought the hell-knights) with the chain-gun you shoot into the wall-with the lava in the middle and u transport
  11. Revo19

    My Review on Doom3

    Ok I beat the game, and I have to say, it was the best game i had ever played The graphics were awesome, the best Ive ever seen on a video game, sometimes those big things that had those huge tentacles just hangin on the wall and ground look almost real. I put on low quality on my system (p4 3.4, pci-e x800XT, 1 gig ram) and on high quality and both were great but of course low being a lil worse, but hey both are playable. The people looked great! The sound was fanaminal ( or w/e how u spell it) on a sound blaster audigy2, and it was like surround sound kinda on my 2 speaker sattelie and subwoofer setup. The zombies always made me jump when they were hiding in the dark corners and sometimes i think i heard them say something. Also when you hear laughing it was creepy, and the paranormal talking like "They took my baby!" Alsothe shotgun cha-chink (when u pump it) sounded realistic. The gameplay was great also. Sometimes it would get repetitive when you go into one room you kill, go into the next room you kill, hmmm i thought it would kinda be like resident evil where there would be like puzzles and stuff, but oh-well. When killing monsters, it would take a decent amount of bullets to kill a monster, depending on monster and weapon. Doom3 also takes some sort of intelligence because you gotta pay attention to your PDA files, and e-mails (not inless you found a list on codes on the internet somewhere). This game was the best i ever played (all game types, fps,strategy, rpg ect..) like i mentioned b4. I cant wait till i get to really start to get playing multi-player. Now, im not a proffessional reviewer or anything so dont flame me.... lol? So here the diagnostics i give the game: Graphics: 100/100 (best graphics ive ever seen so far) Sound: 100/100 (fantastic sound) Gameplay: 96/100 (like i said it got a little repetative) Fun: 97/100 (Doom3 gave me thrills and chills of entertainment and I would be looking foward if they made an expansion pack, or patches with more levels/or guns or something like) Overall: 98/100 Well thats what i got to say... so.... all you guys can discuss this or something or if you object with somethin you can argue (BUT PLZ NO FLAMING OR WAREZ) or if i left anything out edit: i forgot an important aspect of the game atmosphere i dunno how i forgot that, but the atmosphere on this game was great, it felt liek i was there, i had the fear he did and so on...
  12. i see some of u guys got custom titles and was wondering how do u get ur own?
  13. Revo19

    Help! Im stuck at delta labs

    ok guys thanks for the help but i just beat the game.... lol
  14. Revo19

    Help! Im stuck at delta labs

    ok thx i will try it
  15. Revo19

    Help! Im stuck at delta labs

    well if u figure it out plz tell me lol