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  1. bookworm87

    What happened?

    Doom Legacy has good bots. however i have yet to figure out how to change the difficulty settings. but zdoom also has bots. there arent as good cause they tend to kill themselves more often but with zdoom, you are able to edit a .cfg file to change the difficulty and skill of the bots.
  2. yes. please. cause this took away the shot delay a bit. and it connects to the games faster but there is still a bit of a delay that makes playing a drag. i wanna try to speed it up as much as possible.
  3. Dial Up Network. took me awhile to figure that out. if you got win 98, just click on My computer icon. then Dial up networking icon, and then right click on your connection and select properties. I havent noticed any change in speed but my internet is always slow at this time of night. itll be faster later on tonite.
  4. well. i have a pentium 2 processor, windows 98 SE, 128MB of ram. and 3 gigs of hardrive space. my my modem is an Acer 33.6 some things that i do already is to choose a server that has 4 or less players and to choose one that is close to home. unites states and canada ones work the best. also i only play late at night here. like after 9pm cuase then my isp isnt so loaded with people. with all that i can usually get a decent game. except for the delayed shot. maybe there might be something to reduce it a bit. thankyou for any help in advance.
  5. 25$ a month is what we will get. the thing is. its my mom paying for the internet. but i would be me paying for a 56k modem if i were to go and get one. i dont have that kind of money. i dont have any actually. but really. this thread is about lag reduction. not flame the guy who cant afford a 56k modem. thank you very much. Edit::.. and even if i did have money for one. i live in the country, on a farm. i dont go into the city that much. so i dont have the oppurtunity to by one either.
  6. see for me it is a matter of not having the money for a 56k modem. and also i live in rural manitoba(thats in canada) so im out of range of dsl. however it should be coming out to my area soon. when it does ill be getting it. so for now i gotta play with sucky ping well. i didnt get my computer brand new. i got it second hand. and it didnt even come with a modem. i had to get one from my school's electronic's lab.
  7. kay. i have a 28.8k modem. and i can play good with very little lag. depending on how many people are playing or whether or not im downloading at the same time(then everything is fubared) but im usually good. the only thing i hate is the half second delay between when i fire and when the shot actually shows up. Is there any way to help with that. cause its causing me to suck. And just a handy tip that i should pass along. ive found that my ping is lower on servers that are closer to where i live then those farther away. unfortunately, there are none in canada. so the states is closest for me. while Germany is very ping high.
  8. bookworm87

    converting music types.

    okay. ive got my music now. just found a webpage with downloadable midi files of the music i wanted and then converted it. now. i wanna insert my own sounds. I know how. already got some to work. but with some i get the error that its not 8 bit wave file. so. is there anything out there that can convert sounds to 8 bit waves
  9. bookworm87

    Is Dialup to dialup just as fast as DSL to DSL ?

    oops. stupid me. I meant to type DSL. man. people must have been thinking me wierd. as for what port i use. i use zdaemon, doom legacy, skulltag, zdoom. which ever suits my fancy at any particular moment.
  10. bookworm87

    Is Dialup to dialup just as fast as DSL to DSL ?

    Yah. I'm getting dialup in the future. Like, a month or a bit more in the future. So when that happens. I shouldn't have a problem. But, I guess until then, I'm stuck deathmatching against my brother over our LAN connection. Sorry about the grammar in the first post. I was in a bit of a hurry to get the post posted because I had needed to go. I'll try to be more grammatically correct in further posts. Thankyou for replying.
  11. bookworm87

    When you first met the Cyber Demon...

    i first saw it in Doom2. about 3 years ago. I wasnt really scared, seeing as i was 14. but i was worried cause i didnt want to die. I used the run and shoot tactic. it took me down to like 5% health before my rocket blast took it out. It is a massive beast i tell you. For fun i made a map that was just a large room filled with them. and i put on god mode and the weapon cheat. and just ran around killing them.
  12. bookworm87

    How many Frags?

    I usually play against my brother with a lan connection. He has a laptop. playing on one of my custom wads or one of his, we usually get up into the 200's after playing for an hour. online i usually get about 10. after half an hour. becuase i only have a 33.6K modem. really laggy.
  13. hi. i have dialup. im stuck with dialup for a while. When i use any of the ports to play. i get lag and it really sucks cause i am usually really good but the lag makes me suck cause i cant move anywhere. what i was wondering was. If i connect directly to someone else with dialup by modem. would it be just as speedy as a lan connection or Dsl to Dsl. if so. is there anyone who would be willing to play me.
  14. bookworm87

    getting bots to do something in Skull tag

    oh. okay. thankyou. thats a bummer. but i guess itll be worth it cause the AI will be better. Yay!. ill stay tuned.