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  1. The other day I was on single digit low health and fighting some zombies and low tiers, a bit tense. One zombie walks out in front of me, and before I could shoot, it catches the first bullets coming from a distant chaingunner I hadn't seen and buys me a second to dive to cover. That enemy that was the most obvious deadly threat also saved me, and I love little decisions and moments like that in Doom.
  2. Barons are cool. They walk around, haughty, throwing fireballs here and there. Often you can pretty much ignore them at first. Except for when you can't, and your own arrogance gets you cornered and ripped apart with unflinching 80 damage melee attacks. I like the way they change in threat between Doom 1 and 2 as well.
  3. pantheon

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    Actually, I think it was first ported from prboomX to a cool Nugget fork called Cherry Doom. So, three ports that I'm aware of. It's such a cool feature! There's a key binding (last page) for "Tag Finder". You just put the map pointer over, say, a locked door, hit the key, and it will flash whatever tags are associated with it. So, you might see the door, the switch across the map that opens it, and anything else connected to them (two other ambush trap doors? etc.) all lighting up. prboomX's documentation says you need either IDDT or the map powerup to use it but it seems to work fine in Nugget without either. I'm not sure of all the details on that.
  4. pantheon

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    There's something to appreciate in every port but Nugget Doom with the amazing Woof! as its foundation is my favorite. Features I enjoy having all in one place with Nugget: High quality OpenAL Soft mixer with optional 3D audio and very polished MIDI support. The case of the extremely annoying clicks in Doom sound effects seems to be cracked. This is honestly the biggest deal for me. 4x and 8x higher resolution support. I switch around resolutions and it's good to have options, they all look nice in different ways. Linear sky scrolling for less distortion. Smooth pixel scaling so it looks more even and a bit less raw. Complevels and the basis in WinMBF with support for modern extras. Records and plays demos without any problems in my limited experience. Compatibility is easy to set and forget or tweak in interesting ways. Variable audio pitch bend. It keeps the sounds fresher and adds a lot of personality. Easy to get whatever your ideal balance is. Randomly mirrored deaths, colored blood, tweakable brightmaps and extra gibbing are fun and don't feel out of place. Vanilla fuzz effect and option for an alternate selective darkening method with an interesting origin story. Porch flash emulation. I have been playing more in 4:3 and it's nice to let the blank space do something. It's livelier and feels less cramped. A nice bit of nostalgia too. Flashing floppy disk icon is also a must. Support for console port mugshot head exploding animation when you get gibbed. Tag finder to figure out what that switch did or what opens that door. Blinking locked doors on automap, removing marks one at a time, teleport to pointer. Kills/items/secrets completion announcements so you don't have to look at the totals and maybe spoil something. It's all very smooth and puts the level at your fingertips. Extremely flexible HUD, you can pretty much do whatever you want with it. Approximated widescreen status bars for any WAD too. There's lots of other good stuff that feels bad to leave out but that's a pretty decent list so far. "Deal breaker" is maybe a bit harsh but that's all stuff I miss if it's not available. It just gets so dialed in, it's a bit obscene. All the great options for source ports and the cool collaborative efforts they represent are one of my favorite parts about Doom.
  5. pantheon

    What are you playing now?

    I just finished Autophagy, each level was a perfect dose of classic Doom gameplay and tropes (in a good way). But my favorite part had to be the Wolfenstein secret levels and the ways they unfold, especially MAP33. They captured the magic of secret hunting in some Wolf3D levels where doing the optional secret areas really magnifies the adventure of the level. Next I think I'll go through Never since I enjoyed the other kind of soundtrack-centric WAD I played, Warlock's Hearth.
  6. pantheon

    Rocchetta Plin Plin SoundFont V 2.022

    This has a very high quality bombastic, energetic feeling to me. It may be perfect for summer but it can keep you warm in winter too. I think it does well with big orchestral swells and metal riffs alike. Sure enough, listening to random songs from Unholy Realms and Memento Mori, I do recognize some of those instruments from somewhere...can't quite place them though. If anyone is curious for a preview, I put OGG recordings of "Step Into Hell" and "Frag Fest" from Unholy Realms in the ZIP. One is this soundfont, the other is SCVA software synth in SC-55 mode. Roc_vs_SCVA.zip
  7. pantheon


    I enjoyed this. A nice little meditation on a vibe and the engine's atmosphere. I lost track of time a bit admiring the software palette's greenish shimmer in the sewers; even though I thought the music added a lot, it was probably my favorite part.
  8. pantheon

    [1.1] Un Songe of a Midsommar Nacht

    I choked hard at the end which was a shame, but here's my first attempt (got it the next time around!) Overall, I liked this map quite a bit. The sort of rolling fighting at the beginning, with the needed "ammo resupplies" walking over to you, felt nice and dynamic. The interior spaces were tense because I knew you'd throw some traps at me, but overall they weren't too rough (more revenants maybe?). Outside, a really nice mix of fresh and cool earthy tones accentuated by the water, and looking at that sky I can practically smell the rain coming in. Attractive castle architecture too. I got turned around a bit navigating as I tend to do in these bigger levels, but it was an enjoyable type of lost. Thanks for sharing this level and I'll look forward to playing Oripathy 1, too! oripathy_pan.zip
  9. ReBoot Doom Adventure Game. Screen grabs added.

  10. Decided to pile on with some blind FDAs too. First time sharing any demos, actually! I recorded with Nugget Doom but they seem to play in DSDA. I really enjoyed these maps. I love the night aesthetic which emphasized your tasteful use of lighting. Concise levels that were fun to navigate and taut encounters which did a lot with not too many enemies kept me on the hook. My favorite map was probably MAP04, slaying the graveyard until it rose again. And I always appreciate hearing some Raven music, too. Very good! midnight_pantheon.zip
  11. The gist I got from Romero's book Doom Guy was that for Wolfenstein and Doom they went back and forth about both gameplay design and technical engine matters and both play tested extensively, indeed with Carmack focusing more on tech and Romero more on design. Sort of a yin and yang with each having some mastery of the other's primary focus which allowed them to communicate well and for both tech and design to dovetail productively. I don't recall that any particular Doom gameplay elements were attributed to Carmack in the book but Romero definitely stated that they had this sort of reciprocal relationship. Doom's diminishing lighting system is probably one of the clearest examples he gave of a Carmack engine feature that had a significant creative impact. When Quake came around, the challenge of creating such a complex engine meant Carmack became more sequestered, their communication deteriorated, and there was a long period of time when creative decisions had to be put on hold for the tech to catch up which led to the hard feelings we're familiar with.
  12. If I remember right, there’s a scene in the tv show Barry where he shoots at someone in an apartment at very close range, but he somehow misses or the gun misfires or something, and they both stop and look stunned at each other for a moment. I imagine some puzzling malfunction like that has happened when a shot whiffs due to the blockmap.
  13. pantheon

    Automatic pistol start?

    FWIW, Woof/Nugget Doom have pistol start as a main menu item!
  14. pantheon

    Nugget Doom 3.0.0 (updated March 17th, '24)

    You should be safe to just replace the files in your old folder, though making a quick backup first is always a good idea. I skip the autoload folder since I customized brghtmps.lmp in doom-all, FWIW. Been upgrading that way for a while and haven't had any issues.
  15. pantheon

    Looking for some audio mods

    Is there any way to get the "original" higher quality 22khz sound effects from the iPhone Doom port? This 13 year old thread has some more info and a dead link. There's this extractor utility on Github but I'm not really sure how to make it work. I own the iPhone ports but not sure how to get them on the PC to mess around with.