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  1. gravitar

    Hub Levels

    Classic episode 2 has also a hub map.
  2. gravitar

    wip hi res baron sprite

    What? That an attempt at a comeback, or just a display of your intellect? Your conn gives you a means, a possibility, and no right whatsoever smart guy.
  3. gravitar

    wip hi res baron sprite

    Well I was atleast being supportive and appreciative, instead of slagging someone's honest effort off as "just bad". Btw, what the fuck gives you the right to speak so high and mighty about other people, who you know nothing about? Who are you again?
  4. gravitar

    wip hi res baron sprite

    - the part where the horns grow out of the skull looks weird - the face: the nose seems too long and the mouth seems to wide, giving him a totally different facial expresssion than the original. If you keep the width of the mouth, maybe make the corner teeth a bit angled to maintain the original, slightly evil expression. Also, the eyebrows in your sprite have a different angle, and the eye sockets could be worked on further, possibly making them darker, too (again for teh evil look). - the transition body/pants looks like he's wearing some meatshirt (or are those love handles?) - the bending at the knees is a bit too strong. One thing I've always found cool about id's sprite is that the structure of the muscles is visible through the pants, making the monster appear even more powerful. Keep up the good work though.
  5. gravitar

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    The example below works for me.*WheelDown::SendInput, {PgDn} *WheelUp::SendInput, {PgUp} return Great feature.
  6. gravitar

    Hell Revealed`ish WADs?

    wtf? Anyway, since I'm a masochist fan of this style as well, I keep a list with all those HR-ish wads. Here it goes (use the search function at idgames). Deus Vult I/II KamaSutra map 28 (last 3rd generally) AV 26 HR2 32 HR 24 gladiatr.wad (map 29) oneweek.wad map 11 No Brakes lop2 Scythe 30 Scythe 2 last 3rd Murderous Intent (intent.wad) Erik Alm maps Fragport map24 The Spire 1 / 2 Holy Hell Tremor by Zarkyb Vae Victus last map cratnew.wad by Bejitas Wrath Cybersky by Eternal bbb.wad by Eternal LongDays by Eternal G_O_Evil by Eternal Chaos Order by phml bloodlst.wad by phml Death Destiny's maps Sunder by Insane Gazebo Plutonia I/II map 32 Edit: forgot two classics: Seej.wad and Punisher.wad
  7. gravitar

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    - in your mouse driver ui, you could reassign those buttons to keystrokes and bind those keys to the desired actions ingame - AutoHotKey is a program to do the same, but with many additional features (macros, mousewheel binds etc.). It's free and works great. How much to make prboom+ look like this?
  8. gravitar

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    That might explain the origin of Gyros: some greek got pissed with all the crowing and kicked those rooster's asses. Atleast it's a theory.
  9. gravitar

    Plutonia 2 - How good do you think it is?

    I'm up to map 15 now (yes already), and while it's a good blast, i'm not overly enthusiastic. Some of the early maps are cramped, and there are quite a few crude parts. Some maps have also too luck based final battles for my taste (or maybe I just suck that hard); the archvile map 11 for example: slogging through the confusing layout, it's quite an achievement in itself to arrive at the exit and then bam! like 10 or so archviles spawning in... Or map 15: imo it would have been sufficient to reach the secret exit with the blast from a single archvile, anything else is pure luck. EDIT: just watched the uv max demo, it IS possible with just one archvile jump. Weird, I couldn't do it no matter what. The classic hard wads like hr/av were milder on the player's sanity in that the real hard parts were mostly near start, the rest was keeping up the pace. Anyway, I voted "good" and look forward to play the rest.
  10. gravitar

    Why expect perfection?

    ? There are lots of perfect wads, as there is alot of perfect art. Depends on your definition of perfection ofcourse.
  11. gravitar

    Anyone play Blood on Windows 7 64 bit?

    Blood launcher using Dosbox at the bottom of the page. There are also lots of goodies for build engine games at the main page: http://www.proasm.com/
  12. gravitar

    [WIP] Winter's Fury

    I like the fog actually, but perhaps make it a little darker to be easier on the eyes.
  13. gravitar

    Obama's Peace Prize

    Well the old farts in the Nobel comittee obviously wanted some publicity, the real life(tm) equivalent of attention whoring. Besides, look up who's won the peace nobel prize so far, and you'll have no questions anymore. Lots of promises n toothpaste grins while he's -charismatically- turning his useless skull from teleprompter to teleprompter. His choice might also show what kind of desperate state the world is in; alot of people just 'want' him to make a 'change'. Though I fear the only change he will accomplish is that the filth in Washington will grow even thicker than it was under Gee Dubya (if that's possible).
  14. gravitar

    College Youth: Obama not-so-good, but GREAT?!

    - ah ok this was a "New Harvard Poll", so the results are obviously representative. To be hip and popular, I better adjust my opinions. Wouldn't want people to point fingers at me. - a test balloon ("let's see the reactions of the general public") - just flat propaganda, humming to the background noise of the standard lies of the system whores media ("see even our youth has still faith in Obimbo")
  15. gravitar

    Why I'm not doing /newstuff/ reviews anymore

    ahaha watch those ZDoom releases; those guys have obviously very special feelings for each other. Anyway this is a serious topic, and no matter how one 'handles' this, some positivity and goodwill is always lost :(. Personally I blame the new internet generation of tards for this: no manners, no selfesteem, ego driven vicious brats.. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. This spring, after a long pause, I started playing online fps again(quake live), and I had thought the original q3 community could NOT be topped regarding selfishness and stupidity. Easily...