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  1. Mr.Magnetichead

    Doom: Absolution

    How do I get it to run? I have the shareware of doom 95 and the ABSOL installer. I tried installing AB to my doom directory but it wouldnt work. Any help?
  2. Mr.Magnetichead

    A question about Doom 3's multiplayer.

    The thing is, people really got the wrong end of the stick when Carmack mentioned 4 layer DM. It isn't limited to this, but due to the out of the box nature of the game it's recommended.
  3. Mr.Magnetichead

    John carpenter's Ghosts of mars

    I'm a big fan of pulp scifi b movies and scifi in general throughout it's history and I can honestly say that carpenters version is superb. I suggest you see it.
  4. Mr.Magnetichead

    UnrealEngine3 GDC Impressions

    Indeed. Theif 3 is old tech too. On par with Deus Ex 2 pre trasnfer to non Unreal tech.
  5. Mr.Magnetichead

    John carpenter's Ghosts of mars

    Both very dull films.
  6. Mr.Magnetichead

    Realisitc Map Limitations

    What are the realistic limitations of level sizes for us as map makers?
  7. Mr.Magnetichead

    UnrealEngine3 GDC Impressions

    My friends at Epic have indeed verified that those shots are NOT Unreal 3.0 Tech shots.
  8. Mr.Magnetichead

    Doom comic strip!!!

    Bad art and a lack of funny makes this thread a total turd.
  9. Mr.Magnetichead

    John carpenter's Ghosts of mars

    GOM was complete ass. John's only good film to date is STILL The Thing.
  10. Trite Swarm Vs. Machine Gun
  11. Mr.Magnetichead

    Have fun with the skeletons (HL2)

    This is what? 18 months old atleast?