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  1. Khaoscythe

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    Also want to add that 3 of the switches in the first fight area can be hit from the sides at an angle under them, thus allowing the player to bypass that fight completely as long as they don't go for the Plasma Gun and trip the teleport party to begin.
  2. Khaoscythe

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    Adding to this, regarding the very first fight in the map I noticed some flaws with the inevitable release of the THREE (??!!) Arch-Viles after hitting the wall switch. For starters: if the player is well aware of their surroundings when playing the map for their first time they will realize that there are AV's behind that wall and that whatever demons enter the area must be killed as far away from that wall as possible. Three AV's is not enough for the potential combat possibilities they can present, therefore I suggest adding more AV's in that small area before they're released (I was thinking ~10) that way: -The player cannot just use the tactic of waiting around the corner for them to come around it one by one (the left side being more risky since a Vile can just toss you off the cliffside, while the right side is the safer option considering you have a pillar of sorts obstructing their view.. I would personally get rid of that obstruction btw due to my next point). -By having the player not rely on the above strat, it promotes the Viles to advance upon the player further into the arena thus forcing the player to back away much further than expected. Of course the player could just use the monster teleport exit nearby and hide behind its columns but that will only be effective when three Viles approach you as opposed to ~10. I can see that the Viles are supposed to act as a sort of tidal wave forcing the player back but the current amount does not suffice for the effect the mapper is probably trying to implement. -Another idea would be to not have the Viles behind that wall and, instead, place a bunch of them in a monster closet and have the switch that lowers the wall also open said monster pen and allow the AV's to flood in from there. Doing this would at least not give away the fact that there are Viles waiting behind the wall, and having the player resort to kiting everything to the opposite end of the arena. Regarding the first indoor fight I do agree that there's way more ammo than necessary. Tbh I was expecting a ton of demons to teleport to the point where the BFG and ammo are located, and not just having them spawn where they currently do (which is fine btw nothing wrong with their current locations). Not sure what to have teleport there but it would apply pressure to the player if they decided to head to the BFG area to pick off most of the monsters (which was one of my go-to strats going into this fight, that or bum rushing the HK's). Also yeah I was going to bring up the fact that some of the crushers in that dreaded room have monster block lines, and therefore defeat their purpose of being there in regards to helping at killing the opposition, unless it was the initial intent to have the crushers work against you and not the demons (though this does tie in with the fact that there isn't enough ammo to kill everything multiple times over). Like I've stated earlier that area feels very imbalanced and needs something to be done with it.
  3. Khaoscythe

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    Well progress through Map 17 went fine up until the crusher area towards the end before I called i quits. I can't help but feel that that particular spot is somewhat imbalanced considering you'd have to kill everything twice/three times over and not having enough ammo to do it. Best strat I could think of was backtracking all the way back to the beginning of that section and picking everything off room by room, but then I'd be completely out of ammunition by the time I make it past the section with the soulsphere/switch and a metric ton of demons to deal with. Speeding past everything to hit the av/cybie switch that lowers the teleport to the YK is fruitless as you just have to run past everything again (which is impossible now that the viles have had more than enough time to revive everything).
  4. Khaoscythe

    DVII Second Edition underway. It's time!

    Awesome, glad to see this is back in full swing.
  5. Khaoscythe

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    Yeah it's how I play all of my wads. I'll have to look into that later. My OCD doesn't allow me to use mouselook (or jump/crouch) in any wads unless they're necessary.. and besides, something like that wouldn't be allowed for demo-recording. :\
  6. Khaoscythe

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    Yeah that is unfortunate... damn shame.
  7. Khaoscythe

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    Also, please for the love of god stop having maps with seemingly no ceiling and cacodemons (Map fucking 16) that will get blown into the sky and NEVER come back down (and before anyone states otherwise I've waited about an hour for 6 cacos that decided to chill in heaven during the rev/caco/manc teleport trap area and just decided fuck the uv-max run).... it's extremely vexing to deal with, especially in regards to possible speedrunning. It's annoying (in general) to have your potential uv-max run get nullified because of that sort of stuff.. period! Either add some god damn ceilings or get rid of the cacos completely.
  8. Khaoscythe

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    Just finished Map 32 and I just want to say that most of the areas can be done consistently and isn't heavily reliant on rng (unlike a certain other new map) therefore making it enjoyable. Yes, even the hedge maze area is doable when you figure out the optimal route to beeline to the megasphere area from various switch points, and control demon corpses so the arch-viles have a hard time getting to them later on. The teleport sequence releasing the cyberdemons can be controlled as well if you're quick enough. I would recommend having the cyberdemons arrive sooner than they already do if the author is intending to have them cut the player off before using the quickest route to the megasphere area. One of my gripes with this map, however, are the numerous set pieces which begin the moment the player crosses a linedef. Oftentimes that linedef is much too close to where the player can cheese the fight(s) if they know what they're doing in advance (i.e. the second fight after hitting the cyberdemon switch and before entering the gated area, or the set piece with the mix of revs/demons/cybs + 1x archvile when you get near the pillars). Unless this was intended as an out in case the author deemed the scenarios too difficult I feel it doesn't apply enough pressure on the player as they can easily double back and kill off the opposition at their leisure. Speaking of the aforementioned pillar area (and not sure if it was already brought up), there is a rather noticeable HOM when standing with your back to the hallway of the final arena and looking at the steps on the ground. The large outdoor scenario can also be done consistently once you figure out which angles you want the mobs for the cyberdemons to hit them from afar, while the final arena has a few consistent routes where you can zig-zag around and kill off everything without putting yourself at too much risk once you get used to the placement of pits. The manor in general was a fun experience with some interesting encounters (and fun risky ways to get through them). I'm gonna need the midi (in mp3 format) for this particular map btw. Kinda can't wait to see someone up a UV-MAX for this, pretty sure sub-1:00:00 is possible with enough patience dealing with enemy behavior. My favorite of the new 4 so far.
  9. Khaoscythe

    What are some of the hardest wads?

    Perhaps a map with branching paths/scenarios and optional slaughter fights. Miasma by tourniquet, for instance.
  10. Khaoscythe

    any movement tips for quake champions?

    LG doesn't stun lock. He probably meant when you're being pressured against a surface by an LG user (i.e. a wall or corner section). In those instances it'll feel as if you're being locked down since you can't +back to escape and approaching said LG user would be suicide without the proper weapon selection.
  11. Khaoscythe

    any movement tips for quake champions?

    You do NOT want to rocket jump out of a battle against an opposing player using LG, hell you do not want to jump at all against LG. A competent player will trail you with LG as you ascend and then switch to RG (or RL if they're REALLY good with their aim) and shoot you out of the sky for free damage.
  12. Been grinding for a good while, not dead yet... need to start up on some projects very soon, been slacking hardcore on those.

  13. Kinda want to record some Magnolia demos... shame I can't stream it though.

  14. This is bad comedy.