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  1. Khaoscythe

    [Limit-Removing] Shevirah (on /idgames)

    Not a bad map. Some of the larger areas seem too empty considering the amount of space you have to work with (as far as UV is concerned anyway), although areas like the 'Revenant curve' and the final fight are alright. The paranoia induced via Scythe 2 plasma marines/afrits was quite refreshing though there aren't enough of them imo.
  2. "The Infinite Sky" from Slaughterfest 2012 Map 25: Fourtress.
  3. Khaoscythe

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    Map 20 is actually bearable for the most part (most of the fights were entertaining to figure out and also not terribly difficult when compared to some of the fights in Map 19) though I do have a slight issue with the final fight: why are there no shell ammo pickups right before you begin the platforming to the final arena. Besides that this will probably be another map that I won't finish (similar to Map 17) due to dying too much at the last fight and just shutting the game off, leaving the mapset be due to extreme repetition and boredom. Not that the final fight is 'too' difficult, just doing the same strat over and over again gets tiring (streamed my attempt yesterday for about idk 8 hours?... and no I don't record said attempts nor save them for that matter). Good map overall.. just add more shells before the end! Edit: Maps revolving around heavy voodoo doll usage are best beaten with extremely precise kiting strats. Because of this most of the timed fights can be lamed out and therefore become trivial to deal with. A few alterations to map design may be necessary to combat this to an extent. One example (though not one really based on voodoo dolls) is the second 1/2/3 fight sequence: at the second-tier fight the player can just activate the switch (for me it was Barons), blitz the Arch-Viles immediately after and then just sit in that corner while the Cybie infights nearby.. meanwhile the (Barons) cannot reach you due to there being no way to pinch you from the side. My recommendation is to make a small set of stairs for the (Barons) to cross over to where the Arch-Viles would be to prevent camping if the player chooses to do so. Another instance is the outdoor central hub fight: if the player knows the fight they can just camp by the side of the Mastermind platform and wait out the Revs, slowly circling around the entire area until the moat lifts giving you more room to maneuver. Shout-outs to Nazi Zombies btw.
  4. Khaoscythe

    What do you expect from DLC2?

    This isn't "classic Doom" though... and having more spectre variants (or even demons with other abilities) would actually open up possibilities in fights throughout the game. It's already being done with the Spirit mechanic as well as buffs via Totem/AV. ...and besides I'm pretty sure that, just like the Whiplash, the Dread Knight is fed up with being deleted by Lock-On rockets and the sort.
  5. Khaoscythe

    What do you expect from DLC2?

    ...just give me my Spectre Dread Knights already.
  6. Khaoscythe

    How to make maps difficult but fair.

    "Wanna get better at choreographing Doom monster fights? Play Chess, play lots of Chess..."
  7. Khaoscythe

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    So I'm just gonna leave this potential softlock here for Map 19: When standing outside of the building housing the arena consisting of the shootable switch that activates the fight (teleporting HK's/Barons and H-Mothers on the right-hand side) and the 4 switches that release Cybies and H-Mothers, it IS possible to shoot your SSG from outside the building towards where the shootable switch is and actually activate said switch, locking you out the building as the wall raises up in front of you and putting a stop to your progression.
  8. Khaoscythe

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    My strat(s) went something like this: First part of the fight: Second part of the fight: Third part of the fight: Fourth part of the fight HOO BOY:
  9. Khaoscythe

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    Ugh I work in a while... won't be able to deal with this until after midnight. Definitely gonna stream some attempts in though when I get the time. Edit: Map 19 is pretty boring to say the least, probably won't bother finishing this one.
  10. Khaoscythe

    Favourite sound effect?

    Every sound made by the Destroyer Blade mod of the Ballista.
  11. Khaoscythe

    What are you listening to?

    Dropped today along with Doom Eternal, and I must say it is well worth the listen.
  12. Khaoscythe

    Is this a dick move?

    Depends on the layout. It's only a dick move if you get thrown into a small room with multiple Cybies through a forced Blur Artifact with absolutely zero cover (add more dick move points if there are other bs variables such as AV's/Revs being present). If there's any sort of cover (pillars and the sort) then I wouldn't think so unless the fight is purposely planned out by the mapper so that it's entirely RNG and not skill-based (and in that case, screw you and your troll ass placements map maker).
  13. Khaoscythe

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    By the looks of things when I played through that section some/most of the AVs were removed, as I recall only running into 2 or 3 in that section not counting the 2 stashed away with the Cyberdemon by the corner switch room. What I also noticed was the Cyberdemon within the vicinity of the switch that initiates the teleport party that wasn't there before.