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  1. Been grinding for a good while, not dead yet... need to start up on some projects very soon, been slacking hardcore on those.

  2. Kinda want to record some Magnolia demos... shame I can't stream it though.

  3. This is bad comedy.

  4. Khaoscythe

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    ...meh, still a shit mod created by a thieving developer.
  5. So MrZzul recorded a UV-MAX demo for SF2012-30 (Anathema, yes THAT map) and I gotta say I'm impressed. Shame it wasn't sub 60m but it's better than nothing, just wish I had that much patience to demo record again.

  6. Such a condescending statement.
  7. Sure thing: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dvii-1i It's a long ass text file (along with the obvious WAD file and such), but you'll stumble upon the area(s) of interest eventually.
  8. No extremely absurd (and mandatory) platforming shenanigans... I'm looking at you Sunder Map 11. I'd also recommend reading through Huy Pham's DVII notes, there's a ton of useful (and logical) do's and don'ts in there you could refer to.
  9. Khaoscythe

    Doom 2 MAP08-style maps

    I recall playing one a long time ago (not sure of the wad file it's associated with atm) whereas one of the early 'traps' has you fighting a ledge of revs and imps surrounding a toxin pool, forcing the player to go into an alcove to hide and triggering a Chaingunner ambush within.. They exist.
  10. Khaoscythe

    Miasma [on /idgames]

    Hm.. better than most of the maps/megawads I've played through as of recent. Minor nitpicks here and there, though they're pretty much covered via previous posts.
  11. Khaoscythe

    John Romero makes first new Doom map in 21 years

    A pleasant surprise.
  12. Khaoscythe

    Sunder demos

    Ugh, as much as I dislike bumping old threads... This can surely be optimized to ~3:30, although recording the actual demo is quite taxing (between maximizing damage on the 4 Cybers, the careful weaving through the Rev/HK/Caco mob as well as the damn block bridges). The entire Rocket Launcher scenario (picking it up, etc.) can be skipped completely, you do not need to waste minutes killing the Revs. You can practically reach the chamber with the 4 Cybers at ~0:45, exiting that room by ~2:00 and reaching the final chamber by ~2:35. Excuse the completely random post... just came back from an excruciatingly long hiatus. I'm still a ghost though, going to attempt optimizing Map 13 somehow. ><
  13. Khaoscythe

    Community Chest 4 (PUBLIC BETA PERIOD OVER!)

    MAP 16: Keep in mind these are my thoughts before TGH uploaded the latest CC4.2 beta so I have not touched the newer version of this map yet. From my experience with this map it is, indeed, possible from a pistol start standpoint. With the SSG and CG gained from outside you have just enough ammo to kill everything on the map before you start activating switches in any of the buildings. The only gripe that has already been addressed is the platform hopping to the keys. Well not so much the red key, the yellow key section caused me to have to switch to the Turok-style map overlay <since I primarily play (G)ZDooM ports> to get across it...and this was after I killed everything with just the SSG (so this would be the lucksack factor of the map when demo-recording for speedruns, as you can easily get blasted off and having to retry multiple times). Besides that one nuance this map is indeed doable. The only tough encounters would be the HK swarm and the Archies that come in after hitting the switch in the Rev/AV/CGer building. Tough map but not impossible in it's former state. I'll look into the new version of the beta now. Getting to Map 27: Two problems came about in the final blue key area (the massive area with the pillars). One of the Lost Souls in the alcove left and above where you first enter don't seem to react to the sound of gunshots and remains immobile up there (only after I IDCLIP'd and went up there did it finally move). Also, one of the Caco's that are supposed to come out of the ceiling alcoves (the alcove to the furthest right of where you first enter this area) stays stuck due to it constantly attempting to move forward (impassible linedef perhaps). The only way THAT Caco could come out of there is when I IDCLIP'd and allowed it to follow me along the back end of that opening where it actually COULD come down. Besides that I suffered no problems with the rest of the map. One minor quirk would be the Megasphere secret, that shootable switch can be quite tedious at times...found myself wasting a good deal of shells at one point trying to hit it due to the erratic nature of the SSG spread.
  14. Khaoscythe

    Threshold Of Pain II - ACT 2 RELEASED

    Oh damn, I've been out the loop. Moar Bruiserdemons.
  15. Khaoscythe

    DVII Second Edition underway. It's time!

    Very nice indeed.