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  1. Flower_XD

    Uprising (Megawad)

    Sorry for the bump, in MAP 29 that is a ominous voice at the begging. I Tried to find what it says, but I could not find it (MAybe is a referrance that I'm not aware of). Anyone knows ? I'm very curious :)
  2. I feel like I'm playing Dark Plutonia (I always loved the concept btw) - did you get inspired by the screenshots? ahahah very fun and short maps :) I did not finish playing yet, but I could not find a single Baron as so far in UV, is was design like that? (just curious, I played the maps that in PlutoniaUV there were Barons in it and ObZen has none) Also my HUD is weird too, I play in LZDoom, just dragged the file and played the wad as usual. Not sure if helps
  3. Flower_XD

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    I was about to say Agent Spotk, to me Simplicity is a masterpiece and I don't see people mentioning a lot. Also I would say The Ultimate DooMer Maybe, also Okuplok, I don't know, I realy like super blaster big maps.
  4. Flower_XD

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    I'm not sure if was post here before, but I found Tribute to Malinku thread, but no link seems to work, so I think we may considered lost, right? I could not find the tribute :\
  5. Hello hello JUst will put my name here o/ It seems a very cool idea !
  6. Loved the visual <3 the name of the maps and the soundtrack While I was in map 01 I noticed this area without the the same surrounding texture.
  7. If I am not mistaken, it is map 23.
  8. Flower_XD

    Profane Promiseland RC1 Release.

    Same happened to me. It was PrBoom+
  9. Just wanna to say, congrats! Been following since the beggining , and its good to know that its all there ;)
  10. Hi, i tried the version 1.666 but this error occurs . This is LZdoom The oldest version 1.3.1 opens just fine. I dont know why this happen . In Woof and prboom+ opens just fine, but I use LZDoom. I just think its odd that version 1.3.1 still opens and 1.666 does not. Just letting you know.
  11. Flower_XD

    Shamus Young passed away

    Ow, so sad :\ I always feel incredibly sad when there is news like this May he rest in peace.