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Everything posted by DΞLTΛ

  1. my to-do list:


    1. stay off the internet at any cost (it doesn't help and never will)


    2. seek help where possible (i'm gonna have to find a way to get help in secret)


    3. find methods on how to mentally stablize myself and become a better person (i.e stuff like behavioural therapy, meditation, and sensory deprevation)


    4. archive everything into an autobiography alongside my games and all that (i will make sure to remember every detail so i can finally put some closure to this)


    5. delete all social media and leave the internet (not much to do past that)


    6. pay a visit to the reaper (don't worry about me it's gonna happen eventually)

  2. gonna leave the internet for a long while to get my shit together, i'll come back when i can actually handle this shit

  3. DΞLTΛ

    Share Your Sprites!

    thanks! i was kinda going for a dark, greyed out wooden look for the stock and grip but yea
  4. DΞLTΛ

    Share Your Sprites!

    shotgun sprites traced from hellrider's over-under kaboomie-go-bye-bye-inator 9000 (a.k.a super shotgun) for bunker 88, might never use them though but i like the shading for the hand weirdly enough, probably the first time i've ever done shading :D was gonna call it like the demonkiller shotgun or damascus devil or the lawbringer or something idfk but damn do i like it! looks actually half decent!
  5. DΞLTΛ

    favorite call of duty game?

    black ops 4, black ops 3, and advanced warfare because of the overall aesthetic, BO4, BO3, and AW have that nice sci fi aesthetic i love seeing
  6. DΞLTΛ

    Share Your Sprites!

    i ported the 48 dredge from black ops 3 into doom, converted to doom graphics :3 also some sprites from my upcoming bunker 88 horror game
  7. DΞLTΛ

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    been a while since i last started mapping so here's my new horror game, bunker 88!
  8. DΞLTΛ

    Your own "Lost Media"

    i made quite a few things during my time here that have since been lost to time, namely the old WADs i made when i first started mapping, stuff like voxel weapons, replay, TAOD, boomzerker pack, dead signal, and many others have been lost to time, you could still be able to find them and i still have a lot of the files but they're just kinda there with no real reason, and a lot of the old stuff i made when i first started modding has pretty much been lost to the zdoom forums at this point, also there was my old odysee channel that i deleted because i was stressing about emails and shit quick last minute edit: this also applies to a thing i used to do where i get a bunch of images and slap them in a powerpoint and call them "inspiration images" which have DEFINTELY been lost to time :P
  9. decino and civvie, name a more iconic duo, i'll wait
  10. DΞLTΛ

    Sydney knife attacking spree

    i saw this on the local south australian news a few days ago, my mum thought he was an arab at first and went on a little rant on how we're letting in too many arabs and asians, we also saw on a separate news report that they did a background check on the dude and if i recall correctly apparently he was in some kind of gun club or had a interest in guns or something, might have gotten something wrong here but it's a horrible situation regardless
  11. i used to get so anxious when logging on here expecting all sorts of stuff, but since then i've largely moved to discord, and every time i log in it feels so quiet, but this shit is pretty special to me as i have some really fond memories of both here and on the zdoom forums, i was just thinking about all this and that even though i'm pretty much a self-proclaimed "lolcow" on here, that i'm still deciding to pop by to say hi on occasion, it's weird how that works, probably means this website has some sentimental value for me idk. If any of y'all actually feel like having more chats with me for whatever reason you can find me on the official zdoom discord server with the same name i have here, i promise a fast response when possible, stay safe and have an amazing rest of your day/night

  12. DΞLTΛ

    Make a funny quote.

    "i'm literally fucking staff and not even i can see it" -a discord moderator trying to fix a problem with channels not appearing, moments before realizing that they made the most out-of-context quote in the history of that server
  13. so that's why my status updates weren't appearing, i thought it just a me problem on my end but apparently not :|
  14. DΞLTΛ

    Share Your Sprites!

    my current computer struggles with rendering shadows in blender, magicavoxel can do it but it's very limited with the amount of space i can work with, only thing i can't change is the anti-aliasing however, i might try finding a way to touch them up in the future but idk
  15. DΞLTΛ

    Share Your Sprites!

    dropship sprites, made in magicavoxel and rendered in blender
  16. DΞLTΛ

    Opinions on doomworld light mode?

  17. pardon the bump but i just downloaded it and i have two short and sweet questions for you: 1. is it safe? 2. what are the system requirements? thanks in advance
  18. DΞLTΛ

    Recommend me Anime!

    that and knights of sidonia are my two top picks
  19. DΞLTΛ

    Opinions on doomworld light mode?

    that's what i was gonna say
  20. DΞLTΛ

    Share a random fact about yourself

    i used to be a degenerate back in the day posting shit and making jokes in front of my younger friends, and i copped a ton for it and it was really damn horrible, i'm really happy to say i made it out of there before i actually started hurting people, and a lot of people are saying i did the right thing by leaving all that behind and actually doing something with my life which for a time made me extremely happy because everyone was super nice to me when i told them what i did and how i changed from that, it's this exact same thing about people being super nice to me and saying i did good that got me back into game development after being emotionally burnt out and absolutely fucking tired of everything for about four months as a result of that drama, and my mental health since then has greatly improved and i take shit a lot more seriously now, i always tell this story every opportunity i get for several reasons, one of which being i wanna teach people how not to act online because i don't want the same thing that happened to me to happen to anyone else. it's also because of this whole situation that i don't particularly like fame, used to love it back then but nowadays i fell it's a fucking curse. i absolutely refuse to go back to that point in my life, it was fucking abhorrent for not only myself but everyone around me, i hate what i did with every fibre of my damn being and i'm really grateful i actually decided to do something about it and still maintain a pretty strong friend group and not let it sit and marinate and eventually become a shitty person.
  21. DΞLTΛ

    Share Your Sprites!

    i did come up with a solution for making the sprites just that bit brighter, because magicavoxel has built in material editing options on a per-palette color basis, it allows me to change the materials for the colors which allows for metallic sheens, transparency for glass textures, and all sorts, and it only suffer a slight increase in render times but it works
  22. DΞLTΛ

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    after pulling myself out of some shit, and starting to finally open up about what happened four months ago, and getting a lot of positive things for doing good for once, my mental health has actually improved enough to actually start modding again, once i get it all sorted i'll move on to giving the sprites an extra touch up if possible special thanks to @Hellser (sorry for pinging), and @Caligari87 (also sorry for pinging) and many of my mates on discord for being really nice to me for being honest about that stuff and making a change for my life, y'all are absolutely wonderful and i cannot thank y'all enough
  23. DΞLTΛ

    Share Your Sprites!

    well it's supposed to match my art style of solid colors and sharp polygonal lines and minimal shading
  24. DΞLTΛ

    Share Your Sprites!

    was finally able to optimise magicavoxel so that sprites could be made in a quick and effective way (spoilered for large sizes)