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  1. This thing just rules! I didn't make it, it's an entry for the FPS Fiest custom contest I mentioned a while back that somebody made: The Quake Marine isn't bad either: ************************************************* I didn't get my entry done in time for deadline, but this is what I made: Raptor Mech [1997 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter video game.] More photos/information:
  2. Cool stuff; I like the Lost Soul/Pain Elemental montage as well as the Serpent Rider trio the best out of the lot.
  3. There were some DOOM movie action figures produced, although they weren't anything special in my opinion. I believed McFarlane Toys was supposed to produce some DOOM action figures one time, but then Columbine happened, and that was scrapped. Probably the best option for anyone looking to collect some DOOM toys are the gaming miniatures. They're not exactly DOOM, but Resaurus' Quake II action figures rule.
  4. Just thought I'd pass this along for those of you that like to customize toys or sculpt/model figures. is having a "FPS Fiesta" custom contest, where you can make a figure of any FPS characters you want, including DOOM. Da rules:
  5. While a number of people have made DOOM models over the years, as far as Doomworld is concerned, you're probably thinking of either me or Shapeless. All my id Software models can be found here:
  6. Haven't made any more id Software characters for a while, but here are my four latest: Mokoi [1997 Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers video game.] More photos/information: Mezuki [1994 Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible video game.] More photos/information: Succubus [2005 Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow video game.] More photos/information (NSFW): Werecraw [1991 Wizardry: Suffering of The Queen video game.] More photos/information:
  7. I've never had much of a taste for surreal/abstract art, but this is some nice stuff. I like the skull and the red wormy thing the best out of the three. I agree with Use3D that they'd make excellent album covers. I've never heard of having to submit some art to get into an art school; while that makes practical sense, it also seems kind of odd to me. I was an art major when I first started college and I never had to go through that (just English and Math placement tests to determine what level of classes I could, or couldn't, take in those areas.)
  8. That's a really cool and creative take on the Pain Elemental, nicely done!
  9. Looks pretty sweet to me. Any particular reason you went with the single shot rather than the double barreled? I've contemplated doing something like that a few times, but never followed through. Knowing my luck, I'd be out on the front porch painting my cardboard firearm, the cops would just happen to drive by, and then there would be a tragic "misunderstanding" about the gun being real. :D
  10. Cool and creative concept; never seen anyone here make DOOM jewelry before. I think the raised elements would have looked better if (1) they had been recessed instead, or (2) you had made the letters in their entirety, not just half of them. As it is, that approach looks unfinished to me.
  11. Those are really sweet DOOM custom miniatures; thanks for sharing the links!
  12. Sweet stuff. I think the Marine is the best done of the lot, but that Baron in dress attire is pretty snazzy too.
  13. Dovetailing what Coopersville said, if you replaced all of the DOOM critters with new monsters similar to this one then the contrasting style would no longer be a concern.
  14. Here's a YouTube video of a cool Arachnotron model that a guy I've been talking to, who goes by the handle "Ledillman", made: The construction/design is fairly similar to the one I made years ago.
  15. That's really cool to see a sculpture converted into an actual working game sprite/enemy. I agree with some of the others' comments that it doesn't quite match the DOOM aesthetic because it's too detailed in comparison to the game's graphics, but it's still neato regardless. Nice work!