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  1. MrGigglefingers

    Worst official level?

    Kinda trite answer (to a kinda trite topic) but Betray from the Doom Xbox port. It's a Wolf3D level where every texture is nukage. SLIGE could shit out better maps than this. Just abysmally, unsalvagably bad in every way.
  2. MrGigglefingers

    Rate That Custom Enemy!

    4/10 Design is uninspired, I don't like how tanky they are, attack is overwhelming in a way that feels more cheap than challenging. They get points for fitting the Doom aesthetic and offering something somewhat unique (a threatening flying monster) but I dislike them and I don't really get why it is one of the most popular custom monsters.
  3. MrGigglefingers

    Wads without slaughtermaps?

    The problem with this thread is that one man's definition of a slaughtermap can be completely different from everyone else's, and they would be completely valid cuz there's no real consensus. Imo I think it's really hard to do a compelling map set nowadays, especially a long one like a megawad, without occasionally veering into slaughter territory for the sake of variety.
  4. MrGigglefingers

    What do you think is Doomguy's favorite wad is?

    Has anyone made a WAD where there's no demon shenanigans and Daisy is alive? It would be terribly boring from a gameplay perspective but that's probably the only situation he actually wants to be in at this point.
  5. MrGigglefingers

    Best Megawad of Each Decade

    90s: wow.wad 2000s: UAC Military Nightmare 2010s: Brutal Doom: Black Edition 2020s: The Ancient Gods Part 2
  6. MrGigglefingers

    Things about Doom you just found out

    When primed to attack, the weird nodules on the Cacodemon and Pain Elementals' backs will glow. This is presumably so you know they are attacking without needing to see their face. The Pain Elemental has a nice, gradual animation where its flesh bubble gets brighter. But when the Caco attacks, its flesh bubbles turn blue instantly like a light switch. This looks pretty bad once you notice it.
  7. MrGigglefingers

    Best map pack(s) since Eviternity?

    Probably the most famous Doom mod in general since Brutal Doom, possibly even surpassing it.
  8. MrGigglefingers

    best doom Weapons pack

    I always run smoothdoom when I'm playing GZDoom. As for custom weapon packs, Russian Overkill is king. I also enjoyed Demonsteele and the Extreme Weapons Pack (for laughs).
  9. MrGigglefingers

    Best Megawad Soundtrack

    Ancient Aliens for sure, one of the finest shooter OSTs ever produced in my opinion. Shoutouts to a little wad called Erkatanne though. It's OST consists of midified bubblegum/dream pop but I regularly go back to it for the music. Introduced me to Sobrenadar.
  10. MrGigglefingers

    Any Doom mappers who worked on maps for other games?

    I think most of the famous community mapmakers have dabbled in the modding scenes of other games. Doomwiki just doesn't compile that kind of info lol.
  11. MrGigglefingers

    What is the Hardest Map...

  12. MrGigglefingers

    Megawads Where You Like Every Single Map?

    Imagine a high quality megawad that is totally normal for 29 maps and only goes terry at the very last one lmao.
  13. MrGigglefingers

    Megawads Where You Like Every Single Map?

    Ancient Aliens for sure. Also AUGER;ZENITH. Some of those maps aren't objectively perfect but I liked them all.
  14. I use it a lot personally. I like to conserve ammo as much as I can, and I find that the regular shotgun is more consistent when fighting enemies at mid-long range.
  15. MrGigglefingers

    Classic Doom community is the most wholesome community ever

    Yeah it's pretty chill on here but that wasn't always the case. A lot of people here now weren't around for the Terry wad era.