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  1. A single level kinda slaughtery doom wad, difficulty isn't too hard but keep in mind there is quite alot of monsters in this wad but this map is purely made to have fun with. You can finish it in about 20 minutes, less or more, oh yeah, it also should be vanilla compatible! Map format: Doom: Doom2 (Doom Format) Please do not use freelook as there is an icon of sin type "boss fight" in the end. Tested in... Prboom Plus, Doom Retro, LZDoom and GZDoom. Enjoy! ScreenshotsDownload: MORTIFERUM.zip
  2. I'd make it into a horror action game like metro exodus... it's not like I don't like fast paced action running and gunning all the demons, I think a doom game where you aren't doomguy, you're just a random marine trying to survive would be very interesting, basically, a doom game with the gameplay style of metro Exodus or resident evil 7, with a doom 64 or doom 3 vibe, and strangely I'd add a feature of the guy you're playing as getting too scared/traumatized, which can drive him insane and can cause less accuracy with guns / slower movement and to avoid this, you have to pick your fights wisely, like scorn or something.
  3. Fierce111

    Walls glitching in my doom wad

    this worked! thank you so much!
  4. Fierce111

    Walls glitching in my doom wad

    I am using LZDOOM.
  5. Fierce111

    Walls glitching in my doom wad

    my wad is on doom: doom 2 doom format, my walls always keeps glitching, I can literally go through the walls, is this some sort of vanilla mapping limitation I'm not aware about? this has been an annoying issue and I have no idea how to fix it, please help, thank you. here's a video I recorded of the glitch https://youtu.be/RABcrG6nxNg the wad file: the problem occurs in the last section of the map, with the silver walls and everything MORTIFERUM.zip
  6. Fierce111


    Thank you all for the feedback, I'll have all your replies in mind when I create another wad again :)
  7. Fierce111

    Your favourite sound in Doom

    Rocket launcher boom + gib sound
  8. Fierce111


    A DOOM 2 WAD consisting of 4 maps, PLEASE turn on Dynamic Lights for the map it was made with it in mind so the maps looks a bit better ;) I mostly tested this wad in LZDOOM and GZDOOM(wad is not vanilla compatible) NO JUMPING OR CROUCHING!! Freelook is optional :) Sky textures are by "Argent Agent" (AWESOME STUFF DUDE!) ----Gun Tweaks---- You start with a SMG(Credits to Sergeant Mark IV for sprites) Plasma Gun fires faster and has new sprites (Credits to Skelegant and Wartorn.) I made the Chaingun fire faster, why not?? Shotgun fires a bit faster too! DOOM 1 Music is used, all credits go to ID SOFTWARE Screenshots ~ escape.zip
  9. Fierce111

    AI generated art / pictures [megathread]

    Generated with midjourney, it's interesting how the ai made him look like a zombieman.
  10. Fierce111

    what would a doom arg look like?

    I'd imagine it to be maybe like a spooky random account uploads a spooky wad that almost makes no sense but it has hidden spooky messages for people to solve ooooooo
  11. Fierce111

    How do i get mp3 files to work?

    Thats unfortunate, well I don't wanna risk any copyright problems so I guess ill just try finding free to use stuff.
  12. Fierce111

    How do i get mp3 files to work?

    Thank you SO much you are a lifesaver!! It finally worked!
  13. Fierce111

    How do i get mp3 files to work?

    Ohh, I'll try converting it later.
  14. Fierce111

    How do i get mp3 files to work?

    Here you go. ESCAPE.zip
  15. Fierce111

    How do i get mp3 files to work?

    Well I ripped it straight from YouTube lol.